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Downgrading Christmas. - Carers UK Forum

Downgrading Christmas.

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How are we ever going to get the Government interested in doing something about caring?.
When i have just read a report that a Government think tank committee are discussing that we should down grade Christmas unless we give equal recognition to other religious festivals as they think we may be offending other peoples Cultures that are in our country.
They seem not want to offend other religions but they can offend us.
We are doing our best to survive and helping others to live a near normal life as possible.
Couldn't that think tank be concentrating on us carer's and our Carree's instead of wasting our money on thing's that don't really concern us.
Will other nation's give Christianity equal recognition in there countries? I don't think so.

I understand your sentiments and agree with them too. While in Rome etc... but try to remeber Christmas is not about tinsel and bright lights anyway. I think all these things have become terribly commercialised. To me it's about the inner self the desire to give and care that little bit more. Yes it's nice to receive a present but I prefer the look on somoene elses face when I make them happy. I like "doing Christmas" spontaneously throughout the year with small gifts this maybe something like a punnet of freshly picked blackberries for an elderly neighbour who can nolonger collect them themself(Mum loves blackberrying so it's one way we can both enjoy ourselves and it keeps her out longer if I give ours away and we eat hers lol).
What do you do for Xmas? We like preparing boughs from matural materials and making placemats from willow etc. I guess we sort of mix paganism with the Christiam idea but it's not done consciously, it's just nice to bring a bit of greenery into the house when all is dark and dull.
Whatever you do in the end....I hope you not only enjoy it, but that the meaning and the love of the season stays with you to give you strength all year.
This will be only the seond Christmas without STAN last year we had a rough time so this year we are going down to London just for the 3 nights to get away from it all by that iam talking about the family they all know what we are doing.
iam still puting up the tree and all the other stuff and will look forward to nice dinner at hotel its the build up to Christmas as well it starts so early and STAN used to love Christmas so much, one thing that cracks me up is SILENT NIGHT sung in GERMAN STAN used to tell us of a GERMAN guard in stalag 8b he was in his 60`s as a lot of young Germans had been recalled to defend the homeland and the older soldiers were used as guards anywho STAN said on his last Christmas 1944 in stalag 8b Lamsdorf Poland on Christmas eve most of the p.o.w`s knew the end was in sight but it was very quiet and as usual for Poland plenty of snow STAN and his mates then heard the German guard singing SILENT NIGHT STAN and his mates could all speak German so they all joined in not a dry eye in the house.

when liberated the German guards walked 1200 miles back into northern Germany with the prisoners of war so p.o.w`s took revenge on some of the guards but the geordie boys looked after this guard iam annoyed with myself as i cant remember his name if he made it home he would have been in east germany ?
a Government think tank committee are discussing that we should down grade Christmas unless we give equal recognition to other religious festivals

Is this a wind-up? I wasn't aware of any government legislation about Christmas. As one of the pagan fraternity myself, I love the turkey etc,, but cant really see that the government has any role in the festivities. As for all the other ethnic festivals, great, the more the merrier. That said, I'm annoyed that the Xmas street decorations are up already, and the shops are full of tatty rubbish for kids. We have only just stopped setting off noisy fireworks around here, and I'm delighted that THEY haven't stopped us doing that yet! Image
No it's not a wined-up it's been widely published in the papers and on the NeWS.
They have think tank's to think what think tank's can think of next.
So how about moving Christmas to January so what presents we buy we can get them when they are cheaper in the January sale's.
I think that's a good idea.
Then move Easter to May when the Easter egg's are being sold off cheap.
Any other idea's for the think tank's to think about.
Please add your idea's to the list.
I actually saw a report about this in our paper and on the internet, but I can't remeber the link. It's been happening for ages really with the move away from pictures and messages depicting Christian beliefs to more generalised "seasons greetings" etc. U remember last year there was outcry because some offices etc said they could not send Xmas cards to one another or put up decorations, and the party has to be a "festive winter outing" or some such thing. To be honest I think people who act in this way often alienate the very people who they think they represent. I get very angry when I see middle-class privately educated students stomping around protesting about social issues just before Daddy whisks them safely back home in his mercedes lol. Sadly they are often the ones who become politicians and senior policy makers.
Commenting on the Paganist ideas much of Christmas was adapted from the Winter Solstice for example the yule log, and wreath both have their foundations in Paganism but were easily adopted to have other meanings. Christ was not even born in December, but as the winter Solstice already existed as a major festival of the period, it made sense to adopt and adapt this thus attempting to include rather than alienate the people whose beliefs were based in paganism. Indeed even the exchange of gifts at this time was going on before the first Christmas as neighbours beleived to bless another with a gift was to incur blessing themselves. So it would seem that at the time of year when things are hardest, human nature was to think of others and to try and spread good fortune perhaps that is what we all have to think about whether we call it Winterval, Christmas, Yuletide, or anything else.
I read that one shopping centre, I think it's Bluewater, are having 'slimline Santas' this year to promote a more healthy image of Father Christmas, blimey where will it all end.

Will Rudolph be replaced by some hybrid vehicle to improve Santa's carbon footprint, the world's going mad Image Image

Paula xx
Try finding cards with pictures of nativity scenes!
Its taken me 2 weeks of searching to get some.
Try finding cards with pictures of nativity scenes!
Its taken me 2 weeks of searching to get some.
Our local RC church usually has some for sale about this time of year, perhaps your nearest Catholic church may have some too?
I got some lovely ones, not actually nativity, but the local church in the snow!