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hi,everyone ,my 86 year old mum has just started on memantine for mixed dementia.only been on it for 2 weeks 5mg dose,just changing to 10mg.any good or bad reports on this drug.we are trying it to help with anxiety.mum cannot walk due to arthritis and when i have to take her for hospital appointments it is a complete nightmare .she panics in the transport .we are waiting for a cataract operation ,but i dont even know if i will be able to get her there.sometimes i wonder if it is worth taking her or not ,due to the sress of it all.any comments gratefully received .jane
Hi Jane
Have you asked for professional advice re cataract surgery? I know my own father had cataracts in his last 2 or 3 years but he wasn't recommended for surgery. I guess a lot depends on life expectancy which can be so hard to predict but I would imagine it may be hard for someone with dementia to cope with, anxiety beforehand and caring for eyes post op. It can take a number of years for cataracts to cause severe visual impairment sometimes so that is another factor- how much discomfort and trouble are they causing?
My MIL with dementia was anxious, so she was put on a daily low-dose of diazepam to 'soothe' her. The only drawback is it can make you wobbly! (It's a relaxant, so relaxes muscles as well as the anxious mind).

Re eye ops - my MIL needed one on one eye, and afterwards kept on taking the bandage off incessantly. She didn't know what it was for, and didn't like it. Be warned!