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Discretionary Carers Grants

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Red Tape Madness !

I live in London SW17, I have cared for my Mother in Buckinghamshire HP22 for over 4 years. Mum has severe mobility issues and has had a mastectomy in the past 4 weeks.

She receives AA and HB, I receive CA and IS as well as HB, there's no way I can possibly afford to relocate to Buckinghamshire, so I travel the 2 hours each way almost every day at a cost of £24 each time.

Mum has asked to go to New Zealand to see my brother and granddaughters as she has not seen them in 5 years and the cancer has been a bit of a scare to her.

She has asked me to travel with her and a Macmillan nurse suggested applying for a Discretionary Carers Grant to assist my travel taking her there.

So here it is, my local authority say they cannot help as Mum doesn't live in London, her local authority won't help as I don't live in Buckinghamshire and I'm not registered with a GP there...

I've trawled all over the internet and cannot find anything about the discretionary carers grants, not even on government sites.
I have been trying for 6+ years to get money from someone so hubby (stroke, severely disabled and now vascular dementia) and myself to have a break in a hotel.
It's tiring 24/7 looking after hubby and doing the cleaning/cooking/driving etc etc.
All I get offered is respite for hubby and that is not what we need, just need quality time together.
Hope you get something done soon.
Take care.

You need to approach your Social Services / Social Care department of your County Council. All authorities hold a pot of cash for such requests, it is a one off payment (£250) you can apply for annually. Once the pot runs out, there is no more for that fiscal year. It's very much on a first come first served basis.
You can't get a Community Care Grant or Crisis Loan for the following:

•needs that occur outside the UK

must inform D.W.&.P. if away for more then 28 days ...
@G Herschel

A Discretionary Carers Grant is nothing to do with the NHS or the DWP.
It is not means tested. It is not a loan, it does not need to be paid back.

http://www.wandsworth.gov.uk/info/20001 ... t_scheme/2