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Social Care Referrals and Carers Assessments

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Hi Everyone,

School Home-Link Worker is sending referrals to Social Care Disability Team to come to visit us, do assessments, ask me if I want a Carer's Assessment, etc. in relation to my Youngest Daughter. Also been referred to CAMHS.

How did you find your experiences of both types of assessment? Were they understanding or judgemental, so on.

Many thanks,

Well the carers assessment was pretty much a waste of time as you have the right to have an assessment but you don't have the right to have the assessed needs met.

My son had an assessment 3 weeks ago and we are still waiting to hear the results. He wants to live independently and the SW were like Oh he can't do that as he would have to wait for an adapted property to become available and that could take a long time.

We and son then pointed out that actually he was already the tenant of this adapted property - not us. That kind of took the wind out of their sails as I think they were hoping to use the lack of adapted properties available as an excuse not to do anything.

They really want to put my 25 year old physically disabled son into an old persons home. I really don't understand their reasoning as they permit mentally disabled people to live independently with support so why won't they allow my son to do the same?

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General overall reaction is then that we're not likely going to have a great time during the assessment then?

I'm kind of worried about that. In fact, I'm very worried about that.

Sezzie, lots of people have assessments and they can be bad experiences, it's true - but they can also be good one.

The important thing to think about is making sure you say everything you need to say. Make sure you have have someone there to support you - a friend, an advocate, someone from your local group, to act as a witness and support you.

Think about what you want to say beforehand and make a list - tick them off as you go along so you don't lose track. What do you need? What do you want to happen in an emergency? What does your daughter need - don't forget that she probably needs gradual introductions, slow transitions and careful explanations.

Assessments are not scary things really - but when you're stressed, they feel scary. And assessments can help - but sometimes social workers need reminding that they have a duty of care to you as well as your daughters.
My initial Carer's Assessment and the reviews since have not been a waste of time. My circumstances are very different from yours (and Eun's) and so is the Local Authority. The way the review goes will depend very much on the individual Social Worker you are dealing with, the system s/he is expected to work within, and as Charles says, what you bring up in the process.

Work out what kind of help might make the most difference to you and how you want to make that clear, not just to the Social Worker in front of you, but also the manager or group which is likely to have the final say-so whether you get this or that. Since your case will be considered right at the start of the financial year, you stand a better chance than at the end of the year when budgets are running low.
I would also check to see which services are available and what funding is allowed to be spent on for carers in the area where you live so that you can decide and request access to those services which are appropriate to you, same goes for services for the person you care for. Decide in advance the outcomes you wish to achieve and how you can best achieve these outcomes using your knowledge of the services, etc. available within your LA.

Cotula is right, there are many factors which determine the outcome of an assessment, if you are prepared to negotiate and to compromise you can build on what you have initially achieved at review or if your circumstances change.