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Maybe Im Getting old.... - Page 4 - Carers UK Forum

Maybe Im Getting old....

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In my limited experence, yes.
In my experience of living both in the south and north, Northerners are on the whole much more friendly and helpful than Southerners Image . But professionals are just as good or bad as everywhere else Image .
Stick's and Stones will break my Bones but names will never Hurt me.
There's Good and Bad in North South East and West.
Mate, Love, Sweet Heart, are all friendly terms to me anyway.
There are more important thing's in life than the names people call you that's only my opinion.
i feel theres misserble,mean,nasty people all over the country,and,theres,some wonderfull people all over.Ive a soft-spot for postmen.They get pretty poor wages,yet,in all weathers,they deliver.its a job,but,its a real slog.and,its one we all do depend upon,i feel its just great.postmen are really underated.
I agree about postmen most of them do a great job.
Our postman is always cheerful matter of fact he was on TV the other week in the program (Take me out) pity was all the girls turned there light's out poor Dave didn't get a date a few year ago he was also on blind date.
So to me they do a good in all weathers.
I feel ,as both a person who has worked in frontline customer service,and as a customer,NO one should EVER be subjected to verbal or WORSE,Physiical abuse.No matter what frustrations,I take ZERO tolerence approach.I wouldnt stand for any such behaviour towards my staff and I feel no one has the right to be abusive.

Yes,I have,myself,often,been frustrated,and had cause for complaint.BUT there are ways.Abusive behaviour,in the end,gets
people nowhere.
Totally agree with you there Maxi

I take a ZERO tolerance approach to anyone who thinks they can treat me like dirt and who think they can get away with doing their job badly. The Royal Mail put our nasty little postman in his place and he's damned lucky to have kept his job!
We had silently put up with his abusive behaviour for months and months. The point I was making was that when I did rebuke him and threatened to report him his response was to complain about me - the same response Charles got in his social worker confrontation. This " you can't say anything to me" attitude is on the rise and is used by some to bully. If people did their jobs properly and accepted responsibility when they did make mistakes there would be little need for all the warning signs protecting staff.
I think the point is that I would expect to treat people with respect and be treated the same way. It's not a one-sided deal, but some people seem to think it is.
If we,or I,want to be treated with due respect,as I think I do,then,I must extend that right to others.Yes,its not one sided.
People,even postmen,have feelings.No one has,in my view,the right to be abusive,nasty,etc etc,because they feel hard done by.Often people just use any handy official to hand as a punch bag for all the indignities,frustrations,hurts they feel.That is understanderble.

In the end,Treat others as you yourself seek to be treated,I rarley find being nasty gets anyone very far or brings the respect we seek.We,in the end,just look pretty stupid,pathetic,and just small.Only really deminishing ourselves.

Deriving some minor victory by being nasty to some official may give a brief high,but,hay,its a sad state of affairs if thats what makes a persons day.

RESPECT.We deserve it,so do those we meet.