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Maybe Im Getting old.... - Carers UK Forum

Maybe Im Getting old....

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Its been years since ive needed to venture into a job centre,but,when made redundant,I had to sign-on for JSA.How things have changed.

I found the Job Centre staff,as ever,polite,most helpfull.very easy to deal with and very courteous.

However,The attitude of the Job Centre Security Man was,I felt,OUTRAGOUS.

I had to sign on one afternoon last week,when I arrived at the Job Centre,the usuall,very kind job centre staff were not at the small first point of contact desk,it was not manned.

I waited a few moments,then from behind me came this voice."Card Mate".I assumed it was my
signing card he meant.

The security guard took the card.Now,usually,if it was a member of the job centre staff,they would ask me to take a seat,if i could not be seen at once.This fellow just walked off.

I stood about,then sat down.Seemed the best move.

Anyway,I signed with a very nice staff member,i wanted to use the phone to call re- carers allowance.I made for tha alcove.From across the floor,some 20 feet away came a loud:"Oie Mate"

The security man shouted:"Phone out of Order Mate".

Now,Ok,I might be getting old,But,i felt that it was no way to address a customer.

"MATE"?.Hardly a respectfull address.

Ive lodged a complaint.If I had addressed anyone like that in my years dealing with customers,Id be out on my ear.Rightly so too.

The FIRST person you see entering any store,office,hotel,shop etc,IS that place.How THEY address you,handle your custom etc IS the deciding factor asto weather youll go there again.
I told the Job Centre,if that security guard is the first point of contact at that centre,when i call again,sorry i wont even bother.i wont tolerate such a poor level of service.

These guards are NOT employed by the Job Centre,or are they accountable to the Centre Manager.They are working for a firm contracted to supply such guards.

I told the centre manager that this guard is a deplorable reflection on her centre

Well,we shall see what comes of it...
Hi Maxi,

Partner and I went into the Job Centre today to sort out bits and pieces and yes, they are generally very understanding and friendly people. Totally put us at ease, even though I burst into tears at one point.

Their guard was a bit, well, gruff too.

I agree the Guard's manners are off though. Hopefully, the Manager will listen.

Sometimes, I wonder whether they develop different personalities when they've got uniforms on... Image
the guards at our local r just rude
the first one u see says- wot u want or who u 'ere to see
ermm i dont know ive got an appointment with mary

yeah go up stairs

do u have a lift

yeah its for dissabled people

so can i take my daughters up in it as one of them is dissabled

hump huff puff he takes u to the lift then go up stairs and the most happiest roundest lil chap says

Good morning who are you seeing today ?
i think its mary

and wots the name my dear

corinne penfold

well ms penfold if yu would care to take a seat mary will call you when shes ready, have a nice day!

its like u walk in to another world!
then when u r leaving the blunt one says- next time make sure u know who u r seeing and bring the letter with u
ok, have a nice day see u ina few mnths i reply- he grunts, huffs and puffs away
my husband tends to call all ladies, 'luv'. I evan heard a 'my luv' once, and he was not talking to me. makes me cringe, but he will not change. he says he has always done it!! having said that i am not aware of anyone getting upset about it, although i bet they do inside.
Audrey - are you as old as Rosemary??????
I Dont really mind sir,though its not really me.Mr.Maxi is my prefered option.But "OI MATE!" hardly ranks as a proper greeting in any sense.Down-the-pub,if I knew the chap,then,maybe.But,sorry not in a job centre.

Thing is,theres a trend going on here.

Companies cold-calling to sell something try to be "matey".They ask me if I prefere to be addressed as Maxi or Maximilian.Err,sorry,neither me old "Mate".

I hang-up when these people try that stunt.

in hospitals,your no longer given an option,its first names.your addressed by your first name

i just think that a bit of decent respect aint no bad thing.
I had to rescue my daughter in tears from the jobcentre plus: the staff are offensive and threatening. She is a good kid: she was only there trying to get a job. I cant stand them, they are patronising and judgemental. Its high time we had a universal citizens entitlement and threw them all out of a job. They are mere parasites.
Ohhh that winds me up......"mate", yep i know a man that calls everyone mate......i do want to shout at times.....have you forgotten my name is that why you call me mate Image , i walked into the job centre today, i was looking into jobs at the local hospital, they couldnot tell me the recruitment day...but said when i have found what post i am interested in come back to the job centre for an application form, Image puzzled to say the least...... Image Image
Hubby felt really old the other day. He and our daughter got identical letters from the bank. Identical that is except for the first line - hers read "Hello Christian Name", whereas his said "Dear Mr. Surname"
Hubby felt really old the other day. He and our daughter got identical letters from the bank. Identical that is except for the first line - hers read "Hello Christian Name", whereas his said "Dear Mr. Surname"
That should go into the comedy section: its a classic.