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question on care professionals

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Hi my Mums has had a Heart nurse coming for 5 years, but today she was told they weren't coming any more, now i haven't rung the nurse yet to find out why but, why stop now?, Image Mums not getting any better, hopefully not any worse, but would argue that, has any one heard of them cutting these sort of thing?. she has said if i was worried i could call her any time, so its not too bad.
I expect it will turn out to be due to financial constraints. I've heard of all kinds of services being cut. It may not necessarily be the end of her visits altogether just the end of the visits under the present arrangement.
I know of carers who had their social worker removed from them when they had an overhaul but were able to get others afterwards. Some social workers had their contracts or whatever they were, changed so they were deemed to have left and been reinstated under new terms.

My mum had been collected by a disability bus to go to day care and that service got changed to a different company after the council or social services found someone cheaper to use. We didn't get the same driver and assistant but she did get to continue to go to day care.

I hope your mum will still be able to get her visits from the heart nurse somehow.

Presumably the heart nurse came from the hospital? In which case ring the PALS (Patient Liason Service) at the hospital and tell them how you feel. They should have some advice for you.
Thank you i will do that, never thought of that.
Thank you i will do that, never thought of that.
Good luck with Pals and best wishes for a positive outcome. RRB
in our area the health professionals (e.g. speech therapists, community nurses, occupational therapists) are allocated referrals - they keep the case until they have dealt with the concern/reason for referral and then the case is closed. If the situation changes or a new problem arises then a re-referral can be made. I have also found that if it is a quick question related to the previous referral the professional who handled will deal with it over the phone. It maybe that the nurse feels she has done all she can do for the time being. It is the current way of keeping case loads manageable ...