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Care after a dental implantation

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Hi all, hope so someone can help me. I just wanna know about taking dental care of aged people. My mom is 67 years old and she had done a permanent teeth replacement in the last week. I really don't know the things to take care. She is carrying implanted teeth and I have to be more careful till it becomes more flexible for her. So can any of you suggest me the ways I can take proper care of her? Also can you people please suggest a food list she can eat during this time? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

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I totally understand what you are going through because both of my parents had dental implants. They are doing quite well with them. Here are some things that can help you:
1. Make sure that she is eating soft foods like applesauce.
2. If she eats an apple, cut it up for her into bite sizes so that she can eat it well and chew it well too.
3. After the implant teeth surgery, she might need antibiotics as a precaution. Please consult your dentist or doctor regarding that issue and please let them know about it.
4. Make sure that the teeth are well brushed and clean at all times. You can use a Sonicare Toothbrush that really helps clean the teeth very well.
I hope this helps you.
My 84 year old Dad had implants done a couple of years ago. They have been OK but I have made sure he has had quarterly visits to the hygienist to make sure that they are staying clean (he has mild dementia and his brushing technique, even with an electric tooth bush and prompting from his carers is a bit erratic). We ate a lot of scrambled egg and soup while the initial work healed. Rice pudding, smoothies and that soft crustless bread made into sandwiches with chicken liver pate and other finely chopped fillings like tuna and cucumber were godsends. The real problem is how long the bone takes to heal when we are older so getting everything finished off may take longer than you expect. My Dad also became very wary about chewing food on that side of his mouth, even after the implants had finalised. Also worth double checking any pain relief or antibiotics etc from the dentist against your Mum's meds. The dentist completely overlooked the fact my Dad was on warfarin and gave him a bottle of painkillers that certainly would have solved his pain rather permanently as they could have killed him...