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Making sure Mum gets the right care - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Making sure Mum gets the right care

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I am unable to advise in an experienced capacity, I just want to say that I hope they will see the need for your mother and that she will get a residential placement.
Thanks everyone, reading your replies and links is really helpful.

My mother saw her psychiatric consultant again, and she is in the same state as when she was discharged before. He wants her to be in a psychiatric hospital for a different course of treatment. She will have to be assessed under the Mental Health Act again - last time the two doctors didn't agree, so she was sent home, and that didn't work. I hope we can get her there this time. It is in her best interests, and she didn't even remember the questions asked of her 10 minutes after her last assessment.

She has inability to make any decisions, and just says "I don't know " to everyone and everything. I just really hope the team don't suggest home again, as this is the third time it has failed this year.
I have just got back from visiting Mum.

She's been asking me to cancel care, and I haven't understood what she's meant. I think a social worker has been to her house, talked about care, and made her sign something, on a touch screen, but she doesn't know or understand what it is, and she doesn't have a copy. She's been told something about paying and is terrified about not affording it and being taken to court.

I asked the social worker to call me two weeks ago, and again this week, and they haven't. I also asked to be involved with planning and I don't get told about meetings. I am pretty mad about it. I wonder who I can complain to?
Go to the council website, search for Adult Services complaints. This goes to H Q not the local office!
I have written complaints to the hospital about her previous discharge, and to the council for adult social care services - I have quoted the Care Act Section 25, and NICE guidelines, and copied in the CQC and her GP. I am so sad for her, because the inaccurate judgement about capacity has put her at risk and exacerbated her health issues all over again.
I agree. So many people I have loved have survived until their 80's or 90's, but the last ten or fifteen were like a "half life", still breathing, but unable to do all the things that made living important to them.
Mum loved her garden, but couldn't do any gardening.
Mum in law used to cycle every where, until she developed dementia, and so on.
My lovely sister in law died of dementia at the age of 73. She used to run a cub pack, had a very responsible job, was so organised in the kitchen, we loved the feasts she cooked for us.
On the other hand my husband had a heart attack and died at 58. At least he didn't suffer for years, but he has missed out on so much, especially not knowing his grandson.
It's very sad, like a gradual folding in on the self again.

My latest saga is the GP practice won't give me an email address, so, as I want her GP to have a copy of my PALS complaints, I have to post them on paper! They will then scan them onto the system! The world has gone mad 😠
Talk to the Practice Manager. If he won't help, talk to the CCCG!
Ugh, I have been trying to talk to Mum about her wishes for ongoing care, and she says she doesn't know, and doesn't understand. This leaves everything up to me, and makes setting up LPA very difficult.
Did you find out what it was that she'd signed or thought she'd signed? It might be worth going to your MP if you can't get anywhere with the other complaints. I can't remember where you are with the LPA - have you got one but you can't enact it because she has been judged to have capacity? I would also keep a diary and perhaps even record as much of your conversations as possible as potential evidence of her fluctuating capacity.