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need to scream

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Sorry, feel a bit better now! Image

Spent the afternoon writing a long letter to my dad about family issues that are causing me severe heartache and upset, then it wouldnt print so I gave up trying to get the computer to talk to the printer (wireless connection) so tried copying it by hand, kept making mistakes so gave up on that and went back to trying to get the printer working, 1.5 hours later I get there, in the middle of that my sister (who im not talking to at the moment due to her lies) rings up so I then HAD to talk to her as she rang me froma number I didnt know. Really didnt help the situation.

Not my best weekend!
(((( hugs ))))) xx
Well done for getting it all done though. I hope at least you have the relief of not having to do it now.
Time for a cuppa and a lie down?
Take care Simon
After the weekend ive just had I think a large Jack Daniels is in order!
Screaming inside , so thought I'd join you, one hell of a weekend too. Take care.


*hugs*...you know the phone has a disconnect button right? you don't *have to* take her or anyone elses incoming calls?
I think we should all rent a place, sound proof it and throw a rant / scream party. Everyone brings bubble wrap / stuff to destroy and some hefty power tools. After a solid weekend we'd all emerge with a strange sense of serenity and a smile... Or it could all go horribly wrong Image
You know Bertie you could have something there!
that sounds really good Image AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH

Telephones - still a major bugbear of mine (has been for a over a year now). I only use them if I have to and am still unable to answer the mainline 'phone. I only answer calls on my mobile (because I can see who is calling) and if the number is withheld, I don't answer. If I don't recognise the number, I don't answer it either.

So Sparkly is right... you don't have to answer the 'phone unless you want to Image

How are you feeling now?

S x x x