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Major Housing adaptations

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Has anyone had any major adaptations done by their local authority, downstairs loos, bedrooms etc
If so how long did it take from them agreeing that the work needed to be done until the adaptation was in place. Also is it your own home or council property.

Had a incident with DD this morning which basically boiled down to the current situation we are in with hubby sleeping/living in the sitting room. Before I start to make a fuss I wanted to know what the situation is out there for everyone else
not sure what the law is now but in 2005 we had plans for a ramp to be installed , plus a wet room , and various grab rails the work was all booked then we got the bad news we had to pay 75% of the cost for the ramp and wet room grab rails fre ..oh how kind .. total cost to- and this was 2005- £3-400 ..we just continued with the bath lift and temp ramp i had made ...
took about four years for us.It depends on your age though, as pensioners do not have to be on waiting list,they get a grant through straightaway. My friends mother became disabled during the period we were waiting, and her application was approved and her shower sorted while my husband was still waiting.I phoned the council and they said it was because she was over 60. (depends on the council, I think).
Took 6 years just for my severely physically disabled son to get a showerchair. Also took years to get his electric bed (and years more when he needed a replacement. With regard to adaptations it took a year of writing begging letters to various charities for me to get the funds to have his bedrom adapted. Took about 5 years to get the bathroom adapted. We ran into problems with arguments between the housing association and the council as to whose responsibility it was to do the adaptations (and more to the point pay for them).

We waited about a year (but a year with a heck of a lot of badgering from us) to get our bathroom adapted.

We started with the bath and sink in one room, toilet in another. Wheelchair could no way get through. We got the wall knocked through and got a wet room put in.
we are still wait in been 2 years so far
So we're in it for the long hall then Image

Eun thats terrible that you had to wait so long. We got a ramp and a bed pretty quickly although it came from health funding not LA so maybe thats why.
Hello Booksey.

We waited two years from the initial assessment by the OT to actually having the work done on our bathroom, it was to install a shower room instead as daughter couldn't manage the bath.
We live in a council property and although the communication was a bit lacking, once things started moving the job took 2 weeks start to finish.

Our council has a bad name, often deservedly so (Lambeth in London) but in this instance, they were very helpful and made sure the job was done properly. It made a real difference for our daughter.
We firstly had a wetroom installed which was all done from application to installation in 6mths!That was 3 yrs ago.
When hubby got ill just after that we applied for a grant for a extension which has given us a downstairs lounge and bedroom and my Mum is now in the original lounge. From start of application to the finished product its been 2 years. Our Home Improvement agency have been great I must admit.
I think it depends on area! Image
i think we have been about 11 months from start to finish,with finish being monday night ,fingers crossed,we've had a 4metre extension with a bedroom and wet room.this would have been 8 months but we had a delay because of question mark ms which turned out to be alzheimers and arthritis and other conditions,then a delay of 3/4 weeks because of getting permission to build over sewer pipe and move the manhole,the build cost is 30k all inclusive in grant ,i've chose to pay extra to make kitchen into kitchen diner by dropping wall out and having electrics done in the garage.the other things i've had to pay for are decorating and carpets,bathroom bits ie toilet roll holder and towel rail,£310 total,which is not 30k,i own the property so if i sell within a time scale i will have to pay £10k on completion but not selling so doesn't matter.hia brill,ot brill and builders brill,anglian water idiots but never mind,i think it's a lottery from council to council,n e lincolnshire geared up for disability care etc.the extension will change our lives roll on monday