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Care service cutbacks

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This following posting is not intended to cause offence to any member/lurker here who cares for a loved one at home but to try show the other side of the coin and how care services cutbacks are affecting many elderly,especially those who live alone who receive paid staff from agencies.

I attended an informal meeting yesterday for PAID carers/personal assistants.I know quite a few of the women/girls who work for agencies and they asked me to tag along.3 care agencies had representatives there.

With cutbacks, many paid carers looking for other employment.Travelling between "clients" to get paid being in a persons house 15 mins has a few comebacks...the following just 2 of them but obviously the 1st one is the most important.

1.The person needing care NOT getting the service they need.

2.Many wont take jobs on for 15 mins.They dont get paid travel time ( this affected those who used public transport more ).

As a result ,more and more elderly esp those living alone not getting any help at all.Some who are house bound have had "shopping" hours took off them.How on earth are they expected to eat if paid carers dont get their food in.Housework hours been withdrawn so no clothing getting washed or it does getting washed but can lie there till next visit.Just what sort of government do we have that allows the elderly to be neglected like this.

Some paid staff at that meeting were there purely about a loss of earnings.However,there were also many who were genuinely concerned for the people they care for.One lady has cared for an elderly man for 11 yrs,she was in tears.His care package now been almost halved and he gets 30 mins on a morning,15 mins tea time and 15 mins bedtime.No shopping,no housework,nothing else.Since his cutbacks were put in place she says he has become withdrawn,lack of interest and not eating his food.Her sis in law is a nurse at his GP's office so she is trying to sort it for him.

So,once again more pressure will be put on family carers but my worry this morning is more for those who live alone,who have no one in their corner to do battle for them.My heart breaks at the way they are being treat.

How many reports does this government need read before it wakes up and does something.
In time, will we be going back to the dark ages...of work houses.They were only stories told to me by my nana and granda years ago but is that the way we are heading...back in time instead of forward Image

Rosemary you are absolutely right as always.

Of course, many of these issues also impact on the home carers who end up picking up the slack because the care agency workers can't provide the time.

So where there is a carer, it comes back on them big time.
Please read this....it ties in with my original posting...

http://www.careandhealth.com/Pages/Stor ... 58baebf55c

A few of the main points...

Since Counsel and Care’s first survey in 2006, for older people needing care and support things have got worse: the ‘care gap’ is widening with low-level care services, such as shopping and cleaning for many being squeezed out in favour of intensive care services for a few.

Often, older people have to rely on the goodwill of friends and relatives.

These informal carers are in turn bearing the burden of the tightening eligibility criteria.

Over 70% of authorities surveyed just provide for those older people with critical or substantial needs, and worryingly 12% just provide for those with critical needs

Right this minute,everyone in my home asleep,I am sat wondering how many elderly awake in their homes..on their own and scared of what the future is going to be like for them.
Every report thats made, states how we are at a critical stage regarding any type of care.Every forum has horror stories told on a daily basis.

Many here who know me will know that sometimes I end a posting with the words...Walk Tall and its something I truly mean.Each and every one of you, whether your caring role done out of Love/Duty or forced on you, should be proud.
By the same token,any government official/MP's, who are closing their eyes and ears to this problem should hang their heads in shame.I feel physically sick tonight at the direction this is heading.

Sending loving hugs to you all
x x x x x x x x

Now you can see how distressed I was at Highland Council`s freeze on care and cutbacks.

When I was young I was taught as a mark of respect if you were invited for a meal you offered to wash the dishes....when the dishes and pots were done whilst the hostess was putting the items away it was automatic to wipe the worktop or the cooker and leave a job well done. I continue this practice today wherever I go and my friends do likewise.

Some homecarers (from social services) are very guilty of not wiping up behind them, but when it was raised in the office it was mentioned that the care provided is personal, not domestic. Careplan states provide breakfast, wash up and tidy......grey area or what? Most of the girls will wipe the worktop after making a sandwich snack (all they are allowed to do here now) but some mucky pups wipe the crumbs onto the floor and leave them there for those who do domestic.i.e. ME. I proved the point last weekend when dad was left without a carer that I could go in, make breakfast, snack for later, have dad in and out the shower, bed made, creams done, dishes washed, kitchen wiped, rubbish bags to bin and still had time for a cup of tea and a ten minute chat within the time the homecarer is allocated.

The homecarers jobs are slotted in back to back, so if one job finishes at 10am and the next one starts at the same time 3 miles away, then the time has to be robbed from both jobs. I know girls who give at least two hours of their own time for free each day to try to make sure their clients are not neglected. The care manager can bleat to their hearts content that one hour is required, but if homecare managers are telling staff to pop in and out as quick as possible where is the point to it all.....we are just keeping paper pushers in work!

The latest cutback is leaving the dishes until the last call of the day and doing them while the client has their meal, then pulling the plug in the sink and walking away.....I mean that.....leave the mess of suds etc in the bottom of the sink. Hygiene? what does that mean nowadays.

Homecarers here do no cooking at all. If more than a sandwich is required the meals have to be cooked and plated by relatives and friends ready for the microwave or use the frozen meal service which the council prefer.

I have to shut up now, or I`ll blow a gasket.....it is all so unfair.

Dad is lucky he has folk willing to help him out, but I feel for the people alone. However in this day and age, even if someone was willing to befriend an older person and do their shopping or take them shopping society would probably say they were doing it for some bad reason. Unfortunately in being lucky dad has been made to feel guilty by the social services as he has such a good package when others have nothing.

Take care