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Hi, thanks for the update. Just to let you know you are still very much in our thoughts.
Hi Jon,

I really don't know how you & your wife are coping at this moment in time, I've been reading all the postings & my heart goes out to you all including your son.
If it was my child I would feel just the same way you do so keep on fighting & please let us know of any progress with the BBC.
Take care Jon & I hope your wife is feeling better.
Deb x Image
Hi everyone,
Many thanks for your support.
Sad day today, should of been a happy one ,its our daughters 21st birthday.
Hi Jonjo l dont know how your are coping with all this my daughter is also 21 and she has multiple disabilities l just dont know if l could cope l suppose you have to like you cope with everything else that gets thrown your way but l really admire you but l would be doing the same as you and taking it all the way
take care and hang on in there
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