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lost daughter

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Hi, Jon, Hang in there! Which BBC prog?
let us know when it is on please Jon and DO keep us informed. All praying for you. xx
Dear All,
We are just comming to the end of filming with bbc about the way we have been treated by adult care,should liven things up a bit , will inform you all when to be shown as they are looking for a slot.In the mean time have recieved a letter from adult care that our daughter has expressed a wish to meet us butthe social worker and this tutor will be present, the venue
TESCO CAFE in yeovil.
How the bloody hell can you have a meeting in a cafe ,so that is what we deserve?
Have informed them that a-how unprofesional the venue
b-will not meet with this tutor as legal action pending.
What is it with this tutor ,afraid because we can communicate with out any aids with our daughter.
Will keep you posted
Thanks so much for the update and please do let us know when the program will be on.
I really, really hope you get the right result on this one.
Jonjo - can only agree with Myrtle. Please let us know about programme and progress. We are all rooting for you here. xx
Well all , just a quick update.Still waiting for BBC to air prog but as they say they want to hit the right slot which is ok for them but frustrating for us.
News fom the college mole is that adult care now will not fund our daughter for another year at college because of the mounting costs. ie:24 hr care at care home
transport escort
3 hrs care a day at college
So now our daughter has no family and no education because it costs to much to look after her and yet in adult cares letter of acusations they say at the end of the letter that they will support our daughter in anything she wants to do. CRAP AND LIES AGAIN!
Thx for the update Jonjo.Keep us posted about BBC if you can.

Be strong
x x x

Good to see you have not deserted us. Looking forward to the programme.

You are not the first person I know where social services have used Tesco cafe for supervised meetings. They must get more points on their tesco card for that!

Take care
Might sound a bit drastic but have your thought about blowing this situation wide open by approaching a local newspaper or even a national one & telling them your story? it may have the ripple effect & get MP's & doctors etc on side & trying to find out what the hell is going on because it doesnt sound right to me.

My friends had their kids taken away by Social Services they were just lifted from school one day & never returned that was 5 years ago., their youngest would have been only 4 at the time.

Their eldest child (who had learning difficulties) was abused by her god father, they only found out when they read her diary, they went right to the police, the man was jailed for a very long time, but they were accused to knowing what was going on when it was them who reported it, (one of them has learning difficulties too).

More & more accusations were made, through a family they didnt get on with who kept phoning the police etc & social services, they went through 2 years of hell, they were assaulted in the street, had their windows smashed, & car damaged, they were both close to suicide at one point, then they went to court all charges were dropped through lack of evidence, but they never got their kids back & the accuastions are still on their records. even though they did nothing which meant one of them lost their job in a care home too.

They moved away & are still fighting to clear their names, & only have limited contact with their kids, who seem to have been brain washed that their parents are bad, when they'd go out of their way to help anyone in need.
sorry some of the replies didnt show up so I missed the part about the bbc programme, good luck will be thinking of you all hope getting thsi out int the public eye helps get your daughter home again soon
64 posts