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lost daughter

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You and your family are very much in my thoughts.
Hi again,
Did you follow up my suggestion about complaining to the Social care commission? Whats happening...this seems to be dragging out indefinitely like the Orkney case? Justice delayed is justice denied......

We all agree there is a clear case to be answered of serious abuse here, based on the very clear facts that you have put forward. Personally I think this one is a bit too deep for the police, they are very weak on the subject of adult abuse, and many MPs tend to hum and haw a lot, but surely the Commission would take prompt action...this is right within their main remit.....

Please keep us all posted, I for one am very angry that this has happened, it could happen to any one of us, it's illegal, and it stinks. At this stage, with no results yet, I would also get a better lawyer - there needs to be an injunction, and fast.
Image Hi All,
many thanks for help, my wife has been very ill with all that has happend and been in hospital.
Am persuing through solicitor, mp at moment and also getting evidence together to refute these alegations.
Have nearly finished report to send to commision, its some pages long.
In the mean time this tutor has been telling our autistic son that his mum is, a hag , a whore, a tart, and that she dislikes the whole family ,SICK OR WHAT.
Thanks for the update. That is absolutely awful...my sympathy. It looks as if you not only have to get your daughter home, you should also sue for damages to your health, stress and so on - dont let them get away with it.....fight them all the way.
Image Many thanks,
This whole episode is so weird, the thing is at the same time all this was happening we were going through the adoption process again to adopt a smallboy also with cebral palsy, we had just finished the first year of a two year process with social workers coming to the home and meeting our daughter and other kids.
That has now been shelved until november as the social worker wants to give us time to sort this out, but she cant understand whats going on as she has known us and the kids for 16yrs,
Hi, Jon,

So sorry to hear about your wife and I do hope she is soon fully recovered. What does the college Head have to say about all this? It sounds as though this tutor should be suspended while a full investigation is made. Does your solicitor know about these latest comments?
Still thinking of you all,
Love, Pysie xx
Hi Jon, sorry to hear about your wife, hope she gets better soon.
Could you get your social worker to give a statement of facts, about you and your family, as she knows you so well, this could add weight to your case.
Love and (((hugs))), Myrtle x
Jon, any news?
Hi Myrtle,
Its all in the hands of lawyers and police myrtle so god knows how long it will take.
Have bbc comming down to do some filming.
Found out our daughter had to be taken to hospital with leg injury due to running electric chair ino wall,no one at the college was looking after her!
Will keep fighting to the end.
Oh please stay strong! You will win in the end. They have to see sense.
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