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lost daughter

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As your son has autism, it's possible your daughter communicates in a similar way to some people with autism. If I were to ask one person I know "Does Dad hit you?" the answer would be "Dad hit you." Just parroting back. Someone with little training could misread that and think that this person was responding to the question instead of mimicking.

Obviously we cannot know what's happened because nobody's really telling Jonjo except his son, who isn't seeing everything that's going on anyway. Major misunderstandings can occur from a totally trivial start, and it's possible that something like that has happened here - trouble is the situation runs away from you and everyone loses control because they stop listening - because they "know" what's happening.

These situations are a nightmare.
Image Hi Charles, thanks for your post.
The trouble is that yes the little speech our daughter has can be confusing like mom no go to someone who does not know her or the bond between her and her mom would think that she did not want to go home.What that means to us and people that know our daughter is i dont want to leave mom.
This situation has been caused by people who have not known our daughter long enough and by a particular tutor who seems to have a fatal attraction type hold on our daughter.
Until that hold is broken and adult care start to listen to us then this situation will not be resolved. We know from our son that he heard this tutor tell our daughter that mom didnt want to care for her anymorebut there again establishment is believed and we have to fight for our rites.
i am so sorry to here about your girl. i am sorry i have not got any news to help you. But you are not on your own there a few familys i now of have had there teens tock. it seems that as soon as they find them that is the begining of the end. but moste have at least found where they are . hope nowing your not on your own gives a little comfort
Jonjo, Try a missing persons report to the police. The police will look into it as a missing person report and not as your daughters will to stay away, explain the fact that she has a comunication problem.

Personally I would have been at a local paper by now, let them start digging, they will get to your daughter, reporters can get where water cant. As you say you have been good parents, if there is anything bein hidden the papers always like some juice.

I am so sorry for your troubles and my thoughts and prayers go out to you. I was thinking along the same lines as pysie, go to your M.P. and explain all you have said in the forum.
Image Many thanks for your posts,
Have been in talks with BBCand am sending info to them ,but solicitor does not agree with that route yet.
Have recieved letter from adult care as to reasons why they took our daughter and it is all based on the say so of this collegeand the interogation of our daughter by adult care investigater.
She wanted her hair cut but mum wouldnt allow it
she was not allowed make up
she wasnt allowed to choose her own clothes
she did not have a tooth brush never brushed teeth
All this is to put it lightly a crock of poo
The last time we had hairdresser in the h/dresser had had a bad fall and could not cut her hair as our daughters head control isnt that great so it took h/dresser a lot of work
Still have our daughters make up bag at home
Still have most of her clothes and she always chose what she wanted to wear.
Another one was she was not allowed towatch what she wanted on tv only what her mum wanted.
Yet she has tv,dvd and vidio recorder in her room plus music centre
such a crime
Jon, so sorry this is still going on for you. All the advice has been good and hope some of it helps.
My hopes and prayers are with you. xx
My heart goes out to you, I am in total shock have you seeked legal advise?
It's so frightening what these sort of people are allowed to do and get away with fight and don't stop fighting to get your daughter back.
I have 3 children with disabilites and I can not imagin what you must be going through.
Take care and I do hope you get your daughter back soon
Image Hi all,
Have today contacted police as getting nowhere quick, police are intersested as at begining of letter sent to us by adult care it states, your daughter and college now agree to tell you reasons for her being placed in care it also states that college have said they could not conntact us so downloaded old phone bills off comp and shows i made 19phone calls to college between middle of sept to january, also sent 10 emails so whos lying.
Son also saw this tutor smack daughter around face ,he was also punched and winded.
As he suffers with low self esteem he never told us as he believes he probably deserved to be hit. Sad.
Hi, Jonjo,

Glad to hear you may be making some progress at last. Make sure you tell the police what your son told you about the tutor hitting him and your daughter. Also, if it helps, you could print off all the messages on this thread and take it along to the police station. At least then they will understand the full story and how concerned you are for your daughter's welfare, and the messages may contain crucial information which you could easily forget if you're speaking to a policeman face-to-face.

We'll all be thinking of you,
Pysie xx
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