The old doll has had respite at the ROYAL AIR FORCE rest home ROTHBURY HOUSE NORTHUMBERLAND she`s used it about 5 times 10 weeks total however last year she applied for respite care as i wanted to have a break but she was told she could not book so far in advance ? you had to take respite care when they siad you could ?
yesterday got call from SERVICE PERSONAL & VETERANS AGENCY asking why she had not taken her respite break when i told them that they would not allow her to choose the weeks she wanted decided not to bother have now been told we can pick the weeks we want even 12 months in advance which is what we need .
they have told me the take up is not now very high so if you are ex service or were married to or children of ex service personal get in touch as you may be able to get respite care .

GEORGE === the R.A.F. is the only rest home the old doll will use .