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Looking for advice please... - Carers UK Forum

Looking for advice please...

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My wife has SPMS and has recently been in hospital and was discharged last Friday.... the care package was hopeless from the start and i have organised private care which doesnt start till May at the earliest.
I have been lifting my wife from chair/bed to wheelchair to loo for over 2 years now and its exhausting but ive battled on.
Tonight she had a fall in the bathroom and 999 were called, they have taken her to hospital again but im struggling to help on my own and she needs 24/7 care....
What happens now when they discharge here again ? She hates hospital and i understand that but i am beyond drained having to cope by myself...

Any suggestions would be so welcome

Thank you
David when was the last O/T assessment done. I suggest you make a urgent referral.
Complain to the CEO of the hospital about an "unsafe discharge". You will speak to a PA I expect, make it clear the proper discharge procedures must be followed, that you are unable to care any more. She needs an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment and 24/7 residential care.
The last O/T appointment was 2 days ago and i am still trying to understand what the purpose of that was ?
Has the hoist been delivered ? Yes
Have you been trained ? No, as its a 2 person job ?
Nothing else was achieved.

I will be contacting the CEO in the morning.....

Thank you
David_0406 wrote:
Fri Apr 23, 2021 12:12 am

Has the hoist been delivered ? Yes
Have you been trained ? No, as its a 2 person job ?
It's only a two person process for those being paid to do it.

I hoist my wife unaided every day, and have done for three years now, fortunately she is only a lightweight.

There may be issues that I'm unaware of if the hoistee is overweight.

The only training that I had was how to fit the sling - and I would recommend that you obtain (from the OT) an "All Day" sling.
Can i ask how often you use the hoist on a daily basis ?
My wife isnt overweight but needs loo visits almost hourly... a catheter isnt suitable either for some medical reason which hasnt been explained to me.
In case this is relevant for anyone, my experience with a severely overweight caree: I paid for hoist training and a lady came over and I learnt it. It was a ceiling hoist. I couldn't have moved him on a regualr basis and I was told not to use it alone, two carers would do it together, but in emergencies I did operate it. The problem with an overweight person is getting them into the sling. He would always remain sitting in the sling in his wheelchair for hospital visits. Once an ambulance had to brake hard and he partly slipped out, as a result of which we had to call another ambulance on returning home. Carers were not allowed to put the sling on unless he was on the hospital bed.

I can't remember the details of the lady who gave hoist training. But this was a few years ago. If anyone wants me to look for those details, I might be able to find them.
David_0406 wrote:
Fri Apr 23, 2021 8:24 am
Can i ask how often you use the hoist on a daily basis ?
On a normal day the routine would be as below.

After breakfast she goes from her bed to the commode and then back again.

Prior to lunch she is hoisted from bed to wheelchair.

Late evening from wheel chair to bed.

That's four transfers in total.

The all day sling can't be used for the commode, but is a real boon when it comes to transferring from wheelchair to bed without the need to fit a sling whilst she is in the wheelchair, it's not that difficult, but definitely involves plenty of huffing, puffing and tugging.

She does have a catheter, so trips to the commode are limited by the need to open her bowels, which fortunately is very rarely more than once a day.

We were told fairly recently that she is not supposed to be in her wheelchair all day (there was a lot more involved in this discussion that would take too long to explain, but it was basically an arse covering/get-out exercise by Wheelchair Services). I calculated that to move her from wheelchair to armchair and back again for meals at the table would treble the four transfers to twelve, and increase my time spent hoisting from roughly forty minutes every day to two hours.
My wife needs muliple transfers during the day and night,at least 12 where each one involves 4 lifts. Its a crazy amount and i am constantly reminded i should not be doing it by NHS staff etc... but no alternative had been put in place.
The care package that started was worse than useless, late,didnt turn up,ran out of time etc
So i am reluctant to let my wife be discharged unless something appropriate is in place...
It just seems constant lip service from the so called caring professionals
has your wife had investigations into why she needs to urinate so frequently? Does she take medication for this at night? Waking and needing the toilet so often can't be good for either you?

How are the hospital coping with her need to use the toilet so frequently? Are they hoisting her every hour?

Her level of care is too much for one person. She needs residential care until/if a suitable care package is in place. She should not have been sent home, in the first place.

Has she been assessed for Continuing health care funding?