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Looking for Advice - Major Problems with Care Agency - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Looking for Advice - Major Problems with Care Agency

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Sorry you're in this position. I had similar stuff with my mother.

If your dad needs double handed care, has the OT given the carers a sit to stand electric hoist? The carers shouldn't be using lift belts or asking dad to grab hold of them or the unstable bed, in my opinion.

In terms of care plan records, they need be current, accurate, complete and timely. Is your dad self funding, or is the local authority paying for his care? If you have good records and evidence of the apparent falsifications, and of his poor handling and 'near misses" you could initiate a safeguarding case, if you have communicated your concerns to the agency and things haven't improved over time.

I initiated two safeguarding cases that ended change of provider and in compensation for paying for two carers but only one showing and a whole host of falsifications. The other resulted in better care.

You need strong evidence before filing and it sounds like you've got that.

Has your dad had a recent needs assessment through social services?

Have you considered hospice care, at home or in a hospice?
Hi Paul

I’m sorry to read what you are going through with your Dad. I’m in a very similar situation.

Could you use direct payments to employ some of the private carers that you currently use? If they are too expensive could you buy some of their time and do some other hours yourself (if work will let you and it’s only temporarily?).
Alternatively I do wonder whether if you used direct payments to employ the current agency they might be more responsive to your concerns? I’m thinking of doing something similar myself. I think the care agency just don’t listen to me but wonder whether if I was paying and could go elsewhere they might be more responsive? Worth a try??

My father has part of his care funded through direct payments - we also employ a charity (PeoplePlus - not sure if they operate in Wales) to do all the admin so once it’s set up it’s not actually that much work. The council may have a list of charities who do something similar near you or you might be able to google it.

Good luck with everything!
Sorry I meant to add my fathers MP was very good at raising concerns about his care when I felt I was getting nowhere. She wrote to the Director at Social services and got a helpful response. Not sure if all MPs are as good but worth a try?
Thank you to all who responded.

I am considering taking out a safeguarding case against the care company.

Has anyone ever done this, and how difficult was it? Was it worthwhile? What was the outcome? I am not interested in any financial gain - I will make that very clear. I am only interested in improving standards, and getting the best of care for my father.
Hi Paul.

A good starting point for the basics would be the CAB :

https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/healt ... cial-care/

Social services complaints - who can use the complaints procedure.

This advice applies to Wales

Are you are unhappy about the service you have had from your local authority social services department ?

This page tells you who can use the local authority's (LA) complaints procedure.

I take it that CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare as a possible route has been considered and ... dismissed ?
Hi Chris

Thank you for the very helpful link! Funnily enough, I was thinking about CAB today.

I shall read intensely!

Thank you,
Your welcome.

Even remembered it would be for Welsh citizens.
Great! Diolch yn Fawr!
Peidiwch â gadael i'r bastardiaid eich malu i lawr?
Well I find myself returning to this post first and foremost to vent my fury in relation to the way this care company are treating my father, and secondly to seek advice - I am sorry if that is the wrong order but that's the way I am feeling today!

Prior to Christmas, I received a written apology from the company where four issues in my complaint were upheld. There have since been two further incidents. One of a manual handling nature again, and a second in relation to a derogatory comment made against my father which none of us heard but was captured on our outdoor CCTV.

I have made further complaints in relation to these two, only to find out that the care company are terminating their contract with the local authority in 28 days in relation to my father's package of care.

Rather than working to solve these issues and develop the partnership between us and them, they have pulled out.

I am absolutely disgusted by the way my father has been treated physically, and the way we as a family of two carers have been treated with complete disregard. I feel we have been sidelined and trodden on simply because I have raised serious issues.

I work in a quality and standards environment, and I am always the first to pick up on areas that could be improved, and especially when it comes to my father, if I see issues, I will raise them!

I could never recommend this company, and would hope that others do not go through the same eight weeks of hell that we have been through. I do have to say, one or two carers are good, and I hope they are able to find another job with a more caring company - that would be my advice - but do I tell them?

My question though, is where next?

That is quite an open question - a new care agency, direct payments, CIW, whistleblowing through the media?