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My mam is due out of hospital early next week. This morning I had a meeting with her care manager, 2 representatives of the carers to be used, the OT from the hospital and one of the nurses and my mam to discuss what the carers will be doing and what I will be doing once she's at home. As my mam has trouble standing up she will be transferred for her bed to her commode and to her wheelchair using a stand hoist. The carers will be washing her down but no-one was able to tell me how I should wash her hair, except for one suggestion which was to take her to the hairdressers once a week!!!!!! Exactly how much money does she think my mam has for goodness sake. When she was able to stand by holding onto something I was able to get her out of her wheelchair and wash her hair in the sink. But as she needs 2 people and a hoist I don't know how I'm going to wash her hair. So if anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance. Image
something like this might be useful info:-
http://www.completecareshop.co.uk/categ ... _aids.html
It's amazing that something as basic as hairwashing isn't considered. Mum was in Royal Bournemouth Hospital for a month and only had her hair washed once, after 3 weeks, only when I asked, even then it wasn't done immediately. My mum has an air operated bath seat, if your mum had one of these do you think she could use it? Our local St. John's Ambulance has a service whereby they take local disabled people to their HQ for a bath/shower. Just wondered if they might be able to help. Sorry, clutching at straws here. Take care.
My wife is in a similar situation, where she is unable to stand without assistance and unable to maintain her own balance. Most of her transfers have to be done with a hoist (I'm able to do transfers by myself but I know care workers need two staff if they have to carryout transfers). She has a bath lift for getting in and out of the bath. We have a shower which is over the bath so I use the shower hose to wash my wifes hair when she is sat in the bath. As I bath her every couple of days the issue of having to wash her hair seperatley has never arisen. Alternatively one of those rubber shower hoses which attach to the taps may be of use - Don't know if you are able to get your Mam in the bath or not?

Our daughter who used to be a hairdresser mentioned to me that there are dry shampoos available, which do not require water/rinsing. Not sure how efficient they are.

If your Mam's condition is likely to be long term, (you didn't say). Then maybe it may be worth looking at possible options for getting her in the bath. Equipment services will provide bath lifts, bath boards etc. Wash downs are OK but obviously a bath is much better and the caree always feels better for having a bath.

Good luck, hope you find a suitable solution.
My hubby can't use the bathroom as its upstairs. Hes been having wash downs since april last year Image
We use either dry shampoo or if hes feeling up to it I put a bowl on the tray he has at the side of the bed and he bends over it. Can get a bit messy Image

I've just looked at the link and those things look quite good. Has any one ever used one?
Hi Linda, Good news that she is coming out of hospital. For some reason they never seem to consider hair-washing yet it is so good for the morale. Flossie's links look very good although I haven't tried them personally. When my mum came out of hospital, I hunted high and low for a mobile hairdresser prepared to help the disabled. Eventually I asked the local care home if they had a visiting hairdresser who might be prepared to come to my mum too which is how we found our current treasure. Ever patient and has found a way of working round the disabilities. A plus is that she comes once a fortnight and charges £8 (£10 if she cuts it) Image. I just hope she never leaves! Good luck, Anne
I can recommend the NoRinse shampoo*, although there is a knack to using it (I have been washing my father's hair with it for over a year now). It is a liquid (quite watery, so can drip or run easily) which you put a little on and lather it up immediately, doing the whole head in little patches, then towel it out. It is a bit expensive, but if it is the only practical way, what choice is there? There is a NoRinse shampoo cap with the shampoo already inside it, but that is even more expensive.

*Scroll down the page of the link given above.
That link looks like it might be helpful. Unfortunately my mam can't get upstairs to the shower anymore, so everything has to be done downstairs. I was thinking that I would have to use a basin which, as everyone realizes, is very messy. I knew that if I asked on here that someone would be helpful. Thank you for all your suggestions. I'm so glad that I found you. Image
Sorry no brilliant ideas here. I'm right out of brilliant ideas this week !

As Anne and others say, hospitals and care providers totally forget about the psychological important of hair washing. Having said that, I was pleased to hear that the discharge does sound like it is being properly planned and you have been able to meet the key people to discuss arrangements back home. Of course, its only when folk are back home again that you REALLY know how they are coping and what help is required. So do make sure you know if the hospital based Care Manager / Social Worker is still the person to speak to once your mum is discharged. It may be that you will have to speak with someone else. Useful to know, Linda.

I wish you well. You take care...

Hubby showers in the sling and has his hair washed with the shower and hose, from behind him (like a hairdresser's back-wash thingy). He cannot stand at all, so no question of sinks etc here!