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looking for a care home advise?? - Carers UK Forum

looking for a care home advise??

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my grandmother has been assessed and needs to go into residental care wot should i look for and is there any were i can look that shows which ones have vacancys
she is also self funding
do social services hold any data on which ones have places or in the another organisation that could help souce on
i am just out side birmingham towards sutton coldfield
Hi Gizmo,

Matt has just put the following on a different thread for another member.May be of use to you too though.
The Social care inspectors website has a directory - you can put in your postcode and find out about services that are available where you live (care homes and also homecare) and how they are rated. Might give you an idea of what sort of help is around your area.
http://www.csci.org.uk/registeredservic ... search.asp

Some social services departments, perhaps all, have lists of approved service providers including care homes, I'd probably start by asking if yours does. Counsel and Care also has guides to choosing a care home, this link should take you to them:

http://www.counselandcare.org.uk/helpin ... areguides/

much appreciated wil have a good read many thanks
When you find a care home which may be suitable visit it a number of times, the first by appointment, then at the end of the meeting suggest you might like to pop back after a family discussion....Any good home will not mind how often you visit, or at which time, and take a friend with you as a second opinion is also useful.

When I worked in residential care many years ago now we were never anxious about the unannounced visit from the Care Commission as if everyone always does their job meticulously and correctly and treat residents as they would wish to be treated it makes for a happy home. Visitors were always made welcome, as they would be in your own home.

Happy hunting

Take care