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Deprivation of Liberty

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Hello, I am a full time carer for my wife of 10 years now.

Do you know Social Services, NHS and the Local Authority can and do with out the carer or relatives knowledge have a patient assessed for capacity to think for them selves. Then have them issued with a Deprivation of Liberty. Our local social service did just that ( an emergency order) to my wife the day before a meeting was to be held to decide her move to a Reablement Nursing Home.
They did not even tell us at the meeting they had done this. The paper work conveniently lost. My wife suffers from PSP - Progressive Supranuclear Palsy which there is no cure or medicine. yet they think they can cure it. Which the hospital uses against me. The present problem is a sore on her lower back, which is healing very nicely.

What does this all mean. As a patient in hospital you have less rights than an illegal immigrant, or prisoner they can use DOLS against you. They have a department special for this.
Thanks for listening
Oh James, I'm so sorry. This is really awful - I can't believe that this sort of thing happens in this day and age. I can't offer any words of wisdom - but thank you to alerting us to this, something that certainly I was unaware of. I didn't want to just read your post and then run, as I'm sure you must be feeling angry, frustrated and almost bewildered by such a turn of events.

Even if you just need to sound off, so to speak, this is the place to do it.
Hello James, sorry you're having such a tough time. There was a member on here called Mark Neary I think, who's son was under a deprivation of liberty order. You can search the forum for his posts which might give some insight and help to you. Very best wishes to you.
Lisa x
Hi James

Sorry to hear about this. I have some (limited) experience with DoLS and I am shocked that the capacity assessment and DoLS authorisation was completed without either your or your wife's involvement. It is part of the assessment process to have the individual and close family members involved so that any decision is done in the individual's best interests.

You can appeal, go to your local authority and ask to see the DoLS assessor, see what they have to say for themselves.

Also, I don't know if you have seen this, but I have attached a link which should give you some information about DoLS.

http://www.justice.gov.uk/downloads/pro ... 4-0409.pdf

Used correctly DoLS can protect people, but it seems as though this is not always the case.
I can't believe that you were not consulted, or even notified. This has to be against all the rules. I suggest that before you make a formal complaint you just ring the County's head social services department and ask where you can find further information on their website. They must have some information, but are far more likely to tell you where it is before, rather than after, you make a formal complaint. If you wife was in hospital, then contact their PALS department (Patient Liason). If you are still not satisfied make an urgent formal complaint to the hospital's Chief Executive and follow it up by a letter sent recorded delivery. I've done all these things in the past!
This is really scary as my Wifes Mental ability is affected by Her Brain Mets!, and I have an imminent Carers Assesment due with Social Services!, I think I will now ring them and tell them not to bother!
I will just carry on on the sick and look after my Wife, which is what I Swore on Our Marriage Vows to do anyway and Feck the SS!
is this Lawful under English Law?, I think NOT after looking at Magna Carta
Hello James , So sorry to hear of this situation - but having read & re-read your post I feel right in saying that without the necessary paper work the NHS or whoever decides these archaic decisions without consulting you first, has no right to do anything without the relevant paper work : I am sure this is the case. I have never heard of DOLS either although clearly they exist having read further posts who have documented this matter. I feel this is a warning for all carers - be aware !!! Do try PALS though they should be there to help you & make an official; complaint also. Good luck god knows you must be pulling what is left of your hair out : I know I would be, god bless, Paul. I hope this is a little bit helpful.
Anyone been through this? This pic was on twitter so be interested in knowing what you think.