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I found another website that is empowering, informative and a comfort


Take Care
Hi Mary nice to meet you.I comisserate with you.You needent feel loney with this forum.The people here are so friendly and will offer alsorts of advice etc.One big happy community.Have you tried things like age concern and the social services usually make sugestions for groups etc that carers can join.
Hi Mary, I sympathise with you with respect to sisters-in-law in particular - mine is very good at telling me what I should do (sell my home, quit work, move abroad - isn't it good now that my husband is so ill that I DIDN'T do it, at least not the last one?????) I have noticed all the things I'm told to do are things she wouldn't, but I suspect things she wishes she could do!!!!

You aren't so far from me in the Red Rose County I suspect, fancy being occasional penpals? I don't exactly know how to do it, but I'll try to send you a private message with my email address and perhaps we could write to each other?

Oh, and I know what you mean about having someone's arm around you....

xxx L
Yep - been there too! There was a time when my house was full of people and I was always putting the kettle on, but most of these people weren't my friends, they were on some kind of official duty. Friends, although they did their best, had their own lives to get on with and most fell by the wayside. My true friends are still there of course and worth their weight in gold.

My loneliest day was when it hit me that life before cancer isn't coming back.

Life with cancer is here to stay, but hey - it's life!
Yeah i've been pretty lonely for the past few months, It's strange though even though i live with and care for my fiance I still get lonely.

No that i'm back at uni it might stop the feeling of being lonely. sometimes i'd like to speak to someone face-to-face about caring for Sarah, but the only person to do that too is Sarah's mum.

Sadly caring is a very lonely thing even though so many of us do it.
When my son was having chemo and had low immunity we had to think very carefully about who was bringing what germs into the house, and that was very isolating.

Now, if he's not at school it's usually because he's got a virus so I'm saying to people, don't come round unless you want to catch the bug.

Perhaps I should just let people take their chances? Image