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Who knows. Read this and see if you see yourself in it.. Image

What sign do other members fall under and what traits do you have relating to that sign?
I'm aquarius and am absolutely typical..................................... of every other human being regardless Image
Sorry Rosemary.
Scorpio and proud of it, on the whole a typical scorpion. Image
Leo - and I agree with Audrey lol Image Cancer and Leo are supposed to be the worst match in the zodiac. Son is Cancer and he and I fight like cat and dog at times - both extremely stubborn and both think we are right!

Aries Image
Both me and Julie are Aquarians, so is Kerry Ann, Image
Aries.....guess I'm supposed to be strong which I am to an extent, but then even Rams have limits! Image

now,though im what might be termed a"Christian",at least i hope i am ,im not so all consumed as to not see the downright funny side.i heard a comic on the radio the other day and,as it is with good quality stand-up,he was,in the joke,able to just sum-up the utter daftness of it all to others.

he said two very-keen religous people called to his door,the very zealous type,the said to him,"Hello,we are Christians" he replied,"Hello to you,I am a teapot" you cant argue with that.but underpinning it is the very fact belief is a very personal thing.

now,im not one to believe in capital punishment,assisted suicide,the value of the monachy,or ed milliband,all seem very daft things to me,astrology has never made much sence to me anyway.oh i do glance at the newspapers predictions from time to time,if i llike em.fine,im happy.but i dont feel im into em as any real measure of truth.but the uncanny way that little book seemed to be spot-on about me as a scorpio,was very curious.
69 posts