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Sorry to go off thread here but actually Audrey the world isn't round. It's an oblate spheroid- flat at the poles and bulging at the equator! Image
Dragonlady......I think you have just proved Audrey's point!

I agree 100% with Audrey's comments. In life there are many things that we may feel we have very strong views on but I also believe it is important that we do not allow this to "blind" us from the reality. As I have said previously, it is one thing to believe something but it is another when you are actually living the moment, whatever that may be.

I have always, and still am, very anti-abortion. However, if, god forbid, I was actually faced with a situation where an unborn child would be born with unbearable pain or whatever...I don't know how I would feel. Sitting here now in the comfort of my home and not having to make the decision I would still say, the baby has a right to life but at the same time I'm not having to make the decision so who knows.

It's making decisions for others that's the hardest thing. A few years ago I, with my siblings had to make a decision about our brain dead brother who was on life support after brain surgery. We agreed to for him to be an organ donor- you can't imagine how hard it is to say goodbye to a " dead " person who is still warm and breathing. Brindleboy is right in that we can't know what we will feel when things happen. However, if one of my sons had an accident and was left seriously disabled there is no way that I would encourage or assist them to take their lives as some parents have done. In the caes we see in the press it has always struck me that the people who are are demanding euthanisia are always people who have been struck down after living a "normal" life. Then I think of how many people there are who have been born disabled and who try and live life to the full despite their disability and the pain and discrimination- then I am humbled. I fear it is the latter group who may eventually suffer if euthanasia is legalised.
Dear Bell
As you know I am a manifesting carrier of DMD and am responsible for passing this on to our only son. I could not have gone through with another pregnancy and passed this onto another child. That is why my husband and I made the decision that I should have the sterilisation operation many years ago. Even if I had a daughter there is no guarantee that she would not also be a manifesting carrier like me - or even worse than me. I would have had a termination. I am not saying the decision would have been easy far from it - I would have felt like I was betraying my existing son - you know like saying if we had known about him he wouldn't have been here; but I could not put another child through this hellish torture. There is no cure and all you can do is watch your beloved child get slowly worse. Its not just the physical side of the condition - its the mental side of knowing the life he could have had and is denied. Watching his distress as he has lost every one of his friends to this and is now the last one left. I don't know, maybe people who are anti abortion would consider me to be evil. I know of a family who had 4 boys with Duchenne - they have one left who is still alive and the mother went insane with the guilt and the father is bringing him up as a single parent now.

Eun, I would most certainly NEVER consider you evil. This is exactly my point. We all may feel we have strong beliefs on one subject or another, but when faced with reality, we just don't know what we would do or feel. I would never even attempt to try to pass my own feelings on to another person. As I have said before, you have to really walk in someone's shoes......

I remember when I worked at the hospital, we routinely placed ladies who were booked for abortions into the maternity ward because it was simply "hospital procedure". These women often suffered not only from their own emotions but also sadly from those other mums on the ward who did not see past why the women were having the abortion, just simply the "act" itself. God only knows we don't know the reasons and the heartache they may have suffered arriving at the decision in the first place. I truly hope that this has now changed.

i wouldnt want it any other way audrey.we are all individuals,and i respect all views.yes,we must progress,grow,and over time we all move along,ideas mature,change etc,thats life.

but,im sure youll grant me the right you yourself so rightly upheld,the right to hold my own opinions as i respect your right likewise.

i never say "Never",but,my opinion on assisted suicide,euthanasia etc,aint about to do a radical u turn,there are just some things in life you just know in your heart,head or gut are right for you,work for you,sit well with you.in my case,on this one,with heaps of respect to all,there is nothing which ive read,here or elsewhere which has made enough sence to me to change my opinion.not on this topic,not thus far.

so,as with much in life,we shall,respectfully,differ,hold our own views on this one.be true to what sits well,makes sence,to us.

i guess,we,each of us,know,deep-down,how we feel on any given topic,we can,be the crowd pleaser,just agree for the sake of it,often,that can be easyer.

but,this forum,i feel,if theres merit in these things,is open to the diversity of opinions.i certainly relish debate,discussion,sharing views.

just so happens,on this topic,i never expected to be swayed.im ever open to new ideas,opinion,views,on some topics naturally,i have changed my views,like any one of us.
we live we learn.

so,lets just respectfully differ on this one.
oh,words,so wonderfull,so easy to just get wrong.im more on your fence than i might seem to express in my words.
im full of mixed feelings on this one.

theres two real fears which i just feel very deeply.i know government laws get amended,sidelined,abused,misused and often fail.i just loath governments doing any laws on this topic,they just cant be trusted, i think.

honesty is all i want.i feel that the idea, that every day hospitals,by use of time-released drugs do,in fact end lives Image is a very real truth.all i want is grown-up wide and public debate on this matter.
we think,well i thought i thought that i was,am,mostly,in a sort-of control of things in my life,and that i was Image sort-of fairly there,or here.i came across this book,one of those potted reads that gives the reader a run down of traits to do with their birth sign.

im not into astology,if i like what the star chart in the daily paper says that day,i might go along with it,but im not into it in any deep sence.

uncanny,eery thing though,this book was too dam near the knuckle it just described me too well.
thats freaky stuff.

i seem to be typical of what seems to be the norm for my star sign.i shall have to think more on this,or not,as im sure it wont be a matter to bother me much.

i seem to be typical of what seems to be the norm for my star sign.quote]

Howay Maxi, spill the beans Image What sign are you and what was description of you... Image
i appear,from this wee book,to be typical of that most noble of signs:"SCORPIO".uncanny to the point of being far too "Me".might there be anything in this astrology thing then?.
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