Must be honest i know nowt about direct payments but i believe they are means tested also they look at the level of help you need or what social services think you need this will stop many elderly frail/ disabled people from getting help many elderly need help and support 24/7 many times its just to sit with them and make sure the dont do anything that would place them in danger i dont think social services would put this kind of person forward for direct payments .
We tried some time ago to get some extra cash to allow me to have a break NO CHANCE NO NO NO was the reply they did come up with a plan STAN who had alzheimers at the time was to go into care home for 2 weeks social services then said LIZZIE old doll`s grandaughter could sit with her now and again this would allow me to have break however as LIZZIE is with partner and 2 kids social services realised it may not work .

Last time direct payments mentioned by government they said the most elderly/disable should benefit from direct payments they said this would help about 250-000 people and as we have about 4 million elderly / disabled numbers just dont add up.

only the poorest of the poor would benefit from direct payments but these poor people dont even know whats going on half of the time they are at the mercy of social services and from what ive seen they just want people like that in care homes elderly / young disabled with a carer who knows how to play the system will get more help than i hate to say it people at the bottom who just cant cope with all this form filling .

the government have said they want the elderly/disabled to stay in their own homes with dignity and be respected one way to do this is if they have a carer who can cope give them the resources to look after them its not all about money but the carers allowance is a big help to those of us who gave up good well paid jobs to look after our elderly relatives, those with their own homes should not have to sell home to pay for their own care if they have a live in carer the carer will end up homeless, we must keep them in their own homes its not just husband / wife we have sons, daughters, brothers & sisters and so on they put a lot into the home and should benefit from this in the future and not give home to state to pay for social care.


DAVID CAMERON who replied to me said he wanted CARERS to have the money in their hands as they knew what they need to spend the cash on to benefit their caree`s and to cut out all the cap in hand applications for cash he wanted carers to take control .
however ive more or less asked him to repeat that statment he made some time ago but it aint coming ..