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Live-in companions

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As you may have found out by now, I've got Auntie in a home at the moment. It is supposed to be the best in this area, I've had a lot of recommendations from people who've had relatives in there. Unfortunately Auntie isn't happy and has no intention of staying there beyond her 6 week trial period. I can understand this to some extent as they are woefully short staffed (aren't all care homes these days?) and do not give her the individual attention she feels she needs.

It has been suggested that she should employ a full-time live-in nurse companion. Financially this would not be a problem for her, at least in the medium term (we should all be so lucky!) and her bungalow is large enough to accommodate this.

So - question - how do I go about finding someone who would be prepared to take this on? Anyone any ideas?
Hi John

You did say that your weren't hopeful about your Aunt wanting to stay and this must be putting extra pressure and worry on you.

I did a search and found a few places that have Paid Carers for a week, a month or 'forever' All Paid Carers fully trained & vetted



Otherwise you could advertise for someone in local newspaper or nursing job newsletter, not sure how you go about vetting them this way though. I know its rather daunting advertising, but I did find a remarkable PA through advertising in a local post office a few years ago, sadly she moved to Austrailia Image

Good luck with this and if I have any thoughts I'll get back to you!

Hope this helps a little

Take care
M x
Hi John,
I'm relatively new to this forum but have read your posts with interest and hope that you can find a live in carer for your aunt very soon.
I wonder if your local social services may be able to help? Where I live there is a govt funded company specifically for disabled people, which is affiliated to the local council where I work (and where my mum lives). The company runs an advocacy service where you can ask for help with Direct Payments and things like looking for a live in carer. Just a thought. Image
Thanks for the links Maryann - I'm trying Christies as they seem less specialised than Active Assistance who say they deal mainly with spinal injury people.

CB thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately Social Services in this area are rather less use than a chocolate fireguard - for instance, I can't even get my Mum into daycare because we live too far from the only centre providing it, and we cannot get a carer in because the care agencies they employ have been unable to recruit sufficient staff to meet the existing commitments. I suspect this is one of the drawbacks of living in a rural area - the pool of available suitable people is relatively small and all those who are prepared to do this sort of work are already doing it.

The reson I don't think I'll advertise locally is also because I just don't think there is anyone in this area who will be willing to take it on 24/7. If there were I'd probably know them!