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Life with 2 concentrators

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So, my step dad was admitted to hospital a few days ago suffering with his lungs again. This time, the doctors are struggling to work out what percentage of oxygen he needs.

So we are starting to come to the conclusion that he will be leaving hospital with a oxygen therapy prescription of his own. Since mum's already on oxygen, this is just going to double everything up - 4 concentrators, 4 emergency bottles, 2 portable bottles and 2 portable concentrators.

I don't know how we are going to cope with him on oxygen as well because he won't even sleep in the same room as mum's concentrator "because it takes all the oxygen out of the air and leaves us with the c**p" - yet there isn't enough room in the spare room for another concentrator. All this equipment is going to take up room they just don't have.

Another thing that concerns me as well is that he's not exactly Mr. Active as it is so a life on oxygen would give him a perfect excuse to move about even less than he does already. On top of all this, there's a good chance I'll end up caring for him, too and we've never really got on at the best of times.
Heck, Summer - that sounds like a hopeless task! Image Afraid I've no answer to it all; just to say that I hear what you're 'saying'.....as for looking after your Step Dad - if you don't want to - don't! Refuse. Pass him over to Adult Care. See what happens.........
Caring, it's not so much that I "don't want to look after him" I'd do it for mum - and she knows this.

What really gets me with the man is that he gets cold very quickly now and mum has a condition where she doesn't feel cold. So rather than considering her and her needs as well (and putting on an extra layer), or just simply getting up and walking round a bit. He'll put the central heating on as soon as he gets out of bed in a morning and he'll heat the room up to the extent that
1) he's choking as he's trying to breathe
2) mum's complaining that the air through her concentrator is red hot
3) anyone entering from the kitchen feels the hot rush of the air in that room

And then he's on mum's case because she won't use her oxygen. She does use it with no (or next to no) prompting when the air's cooler. While he's been in hospital, she's been on it willingly and seems healthyer in herself because of it.

Yet I know that as soon as he comes home, the heating will be on all day again and he'll be expecting mum to run round after him while he sits in his chair only getting up to go to the toilet or tweak the thermastat. I loathe that he does so little to help himself yet expects so much from others
this is a right one.it sounds pretty hard going.cant really come-up with much on this one.
its no easy thing for you.
Would lagging the cylinder with cut up cool bags and duct tape keep the oxygen cool in a hot room? My late brother in law swore by it. He had a storage bunker with a lock on outside to store his spare stuff.
Meg, we can't do that because she's complaining about the concentrator machine as opposed to a cylinder so lagging the machine would cause a fire risk. If it were bottled oxygen, I'd have had better ideas on dealing with it - as it stands, she's not been reduced to having to use the bottles as yet (so she hasn't used them).

I suggested she retired to a cooler room but, like she said, he'd think she's just being funny with him.
I haven't any useful suggestion I'm afraid Summer just a gentle reminder to make sure you notify the electricity company to make sure you are reimbursed for the oxygen used. I'm sure you already do this for your Mum but it is worth remembering to do the same for the second concentrator. You also need to ensure that you are on their "list" in case there is ever a power cut so you receive priority.

Thanks, Bell.

Luckily, all that would be taken care of by those who supply the oxygen (they are ace at that). My stepdad is home again now and as yet, he's not on oxygen, but it's going to be only a matter of time. I mean he's better but not as better as one would expect him to be (e.g. changing into his pj's wears him out and leaves him breathless).

One good thing to having gone through this with mum is that we are now aware of how to get the extra oxygen he'll need even if we don't know where to stash it.