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Sorry i too did think it was a sight for all carer's not just for un-paid carer's.
Do you know of any site for paid carer's to discuss thing's with each other ? like what you do on here , would be a brill help if you did, but if not i will keep looking.
Unfortunately i seem to fall in the middle of being a paid carer and not a paid carer , i don't work all the time , just now and then .
You're fine as it seems that you do fall into the category of carer by looking after your wife.
We have a few carers who look after family at home unpaid but also work in a paid capacity for others, rjmwb. You're welcome aboard!
Welcome to the forum Rjmwb. It wont take you long to settle in.
Do you know of any site for paid carer's to discuss thing's with each other ? like what you do on here .
As regards your paid role, try this site
Pete the Paint - I'll have you know that I didn't murder the cherry tree in the front garden, someone else did that! I do have my limitations, you know!
I can only cut the parts of our trees that I can a) reach and b)cut with the little pruning saw.

If I'd tried to cut through that cherry tree with my little tree saw (as brilliant as it is), I'd still be doing it - and it was cut down three years ago!

Did I mention:
wheelchair service engineer
brick layer
Image Worried look?? I dont recall saying you murdered your cherry tree Fran. I might have said someone murdered ours at Kenilworth. Apparently it was gorgeous and the fruit was in abundance. The previous owners cut it down to a stump, because the blossom made a mess on the lawn!!!! Ahhhhh! some people Image
Many carers face unfair criticism from social workers and the only recourse is the lengthy complaints procedures or a full legal challenge in court- very stressful. Unpaid carers should have some form of protection and a basic simple right of reply otherwise we are just being bullied. It's very easy for care workers or social workers to accuse us but when we accuse them it's a whole different ball game. It doesn't exactly make us "equal partners" in caring as some local authorities like to claim is their attitude to carers. RJMWB has raised a very interesting point.
Pete - no, no it's okay. I SAID it was murdered. But actually in a nice way to leave bits sticking out to hang the bird feeders on. It was a tongue in cheek kind of murder, I don't mind it. I was being 'funny'?????????????

I think!
I admire all those unpaid carer's out there who do a wonderful yet stressful job looking after family member's.
False accusation's made against carer's unpaid and paid can have a lasting effecton you, especially when the investigation's go on for month's on end.
This causes so much stress, i know it did for me, and it certainly caused problem's for me, not knowing what was happening , not knowing how i was going to pay my rent and bill's.
Now i have joined a union which will help me in the future if something like this ever happens again , finger's crossed , along with toe's and ear's lol.
When they stopped me working i began to wonder if that included looking after my wife , after all i am still a carer to my wife. it was a reflief when it was all over i can tell you.
I can't really say on here what happened as people may look on this site, and even if i keep names out of it , they might put 2 and 2 together and work out what i am referring to.
Let's just hope all you wonderful carer's out there never have to go through what i had to go through.
Does anyone have the address of our union?

The page on rights of a trade union member seems to be missing from my Carer's Handbook, which, incidently I thought I found the other day. Image Image