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Pembrokeshire - short breaks

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£200 towards carers' holidays

http://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/news/ ... lidays.php

Are you looking after someone with a disability or long term illness?

If so, you may be interested to know that there is still some funding available through PAVS for carers' holiday breaks.

Carers can apply for up to £200 towards the cost of a holiday, which can be taken with or without your cared for person. The carer must live in Pembrokeshire and be caring for someone aged 16 or over, and the holiday must be taken before March 31st.

In the past year, more than 60 carers have benefited from this project and have been able to take a well deserved break from their caring role.

All PAVS asks is that carers send back their receipts and a short account of their break.

If you would like to apply for a holiday break, contact Louise Raine-Lower at PAVS on 01437 769422.

New to here.

I live in Pembrokeshire and am a carer but even though they have funding left for short breaks I cannot get it.
You can only apply for it every other year so I didn't qualify in 2007.
Phoned them after I seen article in local paper and they said even though there was money remaining I could not apply for it. I have got to wait until April 2008 when new grants are given out.
Makes no sense to me.

Hi Welshgirl,

Welcome to forum.

As much as I hope you get your application in for 2008 its a disgrace you have been turned down this time when they state money is there.
What was the point of advertising this if they knew new claims would not be accepted.I think was irresponsible of them not to explain it fully.

I know in our borough a while back something similar happened wherein after Christmas was over, there was money still in the pot.Whilst new claims were not accepted those who had already had a short break were told they could apply again.As you can imagine it did not go down to well and rules were changed.I thought same applied all over now.

Depending on how you feel, if was me I would be contacting them again and asking for my application to be considered so the money set aside does not go to waste.I would also be asking if some carers were being allowed to claim again after already having a break.I know some will warrant several breaks but you have to be fair.

Whatever happens though,get your name down for 2008 asap.

x x x
Hi Rosemary,

I did put in an applicaion last april and was turned down (reason you can only get it every other year).
Did contact them saying that even though I was turned down for grant that seeing as they had money left maybe I could be considered.
They stated that I coundln't and that any moneies left would be returned.

Hi Caroline,

Thanks for letting us know what happened.Still does not make sense to me.I know you have to have rules and regulations but if there is money going spare..........why not let it be used Image Image Image

They will need be careful,having a surplus going back is not a good thing.If it happens too many times they will find their budget cut.Use it, dont lose it should be their motto Image

Never mind,hopefully you will get it this year.

x x
Thanks Rosemary.

Will submit my application in April. Hopefully this year I will get it

Now you have found us I hope you stay Caroline.

We are not that bad really Image Image Image Image
Morning Caroline,

After reading the Pavs site I have been in contact with Louise,Project Assistant Representation &Joint Working Team.

She sent me a full copy of their guidelines ( also in welsh I may add Image ) and a claim form.If you would like them pm me your email.

Also,if you are not already signed up, you can do still do so and receive their quarterly newsletter.

Hope you and yours are well

x x x

Good evening Rosemary,

Sent you e mail via PM

Hope you read the read the Welsh version. Lol.

Thank you I do have quarterly newsletter.

That should have said Caroline (think I need a new keyboard)