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Settling in and how to sort out the money side. - Carers UK Forum

Settling in and how to sort out the money side.

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Hi all, well mums been in the home for nearly two weeks now and has started to settle. At first she was ranting and raving that she wasn't stopping there but she seems to be showing signs of settling now. They had to move her room on the first day, she could see along the road towards where I lived and she wouldn't come away from the doors, so it was decided to put her onto the third level, for the first few days they didn't bring her down but she's been down into the garden since and was fine. When i go to visit her she always in the lounge, usually creating havoc I have to say! In the time myself and my daughter have been going I've found there's more than my mum looking for us going Image We took the dog in, he was a big success to say the least, now I have little old ladies asking when he's coming back. There's one old lady there and the things she says are so funny, I've actually found myself looking for her when i go!

Because all mum has is her state pension her place is to be funded, and this is where I'm confused. By rights I shouldn't really be getting mums money out of her post office account, we only had an informal agreement about that. The other day I got a letter to sign saying that I agree to pay £114 a week towards mums care Image When I contacted them they said mums pension will pay this, I pointed out that by rights I don't really have access to mums pension and the DWP have said I shouldn't really be getting it out the account. Thing is how am I going to pay it? I had a word with the home yesterday, they've said not to sign the papers until the pension is paid into an account that I have legal access too, they've also said that the social worker is the one that should have sorted this. When the council came out for a financial assessment she said she would contact DWP to make arrangements for me to be made an appointee, something they dont appear to have done.

Anyone any ideas where I got from here?

You could get a solictor invovled and be given power of attorney as next of kin if your mum in non compos mentis (not of sound mind). Or there is this:-

http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Governmentc ... /DG_186373
I agree. get a solicitor onto this .
Do NOT sign anything saying that you will pay for your mother's care.Someone gave me this excellent advice a couple of years ago, when my younger son died. If you sign, then even if you ahve no money yourself, you could be committing yourself to pay.
Good that your mother has settled in okay and that the visiting is a happy time for all, including the dog.