Sarah can read brilliantly but she hasnt a clue what shes read, to be honest her memory is shocking as she cant remember what shes done at school by the time she gets home! She can write but her spelling is like a 5 year olds. Shes good on the PC but would struggle to make a sandwich or a hot drink.
Her boyfriend who si 18 with Downs can be left alone whilst his Mum works and he can cook himself a meal but yet he can hardly read or write and his speech is hard to understand.

it seems they excel in certain things and not in others
Nilla my oldest who is not Downs but HFA reads mechanically, he reads very well but ask him afterwards what he read and he hasn't a clue!
He had the full psychometric work up over 3 weeks and scored below zero for working memory, so although that doesn't help us out much it does explain the spikes, so many years wondering if he can do X which is dead hard then why can't he do Y which is dead easy Image