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What do YOU do to relax? - Carers UK Forum

What do YOU do to relax?

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I know it's hard sometimes but we all need to relax.

So what do you do?
i come on here and speak to friends i have made on here and try to help others
Nothing, I have never been able to relax, doesn't matter what I'm doing my mind is always racing onto other things.

Good question Charles.
I was advised a couple of years ago by my GP to take up yoga more so for my neck, for some strange reason I have a long neck and get a few problems with it. Finding somewhere close by that fits in with children and caring and buses was impossible.
Go fishing when i can. Go to the gym,something i started to do over 9 month ago and now really enjoy and can see and feel the results.
Crosswords and reading too
Well, let's see - I play Wii golf or tennis most afternoons. It keeps me fit, gives me some giggles, takes my mind off other things, and I'm still in the house and can click the pause button mid-swing if I'm needed.

no1mum, you might think about getting wii for yoga, or any other yoga videos or dvd's that are available, many quite inexpensively. It sure saves having to drive somewhere and eliminates the need to be away from home.

I also come in here (and a few other message boards, and very VERY rarely these days - a Paltalk chat room) late at night when my caree is tucked up in bed, because not too many of my friends enjoy being phoned at 11pm. (Can't imagine why, lol)

I go for long walks when I can get away. I also have a huge selection of uplifting movies and mini-series - but ONLY uplifting ones, I make sure I don't have any downers! And I have a big selection of books on tape (well on cd actually) - it's so nice to have someone read to you, especially when you're snuggled up in bed with the light out and earphones plugged in.

I play with my 2 wonderful cats, who always understand me and never judge me.

I listen to music, especially when I'm doing housework. Washing windows and cleaning bathtubs is so much easier when you can bop along to the Beatles, or Abba, or The Village People. (lol yes, I am an old baby boomer!)

And VERY importantly, I make sure I have something to look forward to. It doesn't have to be a biggie - like a cruise around the South Pacific (IF only!). It might be an afternoon I have arranged sitters so I can go browse in a second hand bookshop, or a friend visiting soon.

It is ESSENTIAL to find ways to relax EVERY day - we can get burned out so easily and then we're hardly going to be much good to ourselves OR our carees.
Thanks sandysea, would be a good option if I can find the quiet and space that's needed here. Will have a look on ebay.
Image Love your ideas and that name `sandysea`. What`s behind that ? Hadn`t thought of books on discs, must look for some. I go to a females only excercise called Curves which is great way to keep reasonably fit, I too play bowling/steps and fitness on the Wii and Play pool everyday with my son which is the highlight of our day as we always play the best of three and the winner makes the looser a cuppa. Luckily his taste in music is quite wide so we put on something lively and I bop around in between shots Image
My son is saving up for a wii and the fitness board, will be having some fun once he reaches his target. Image