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Teachers union have today asked the state to reward parents who make sure that their children do their homework , turn up to school on time , dressed smartly , dont play traunt . are respectful to teachers / pupils .
They have said the should be rewarded with cash payments i just cant believe it .

On another subject in our area foster parents are now called foster carers ? or summit like that ive just seen an advert for foster carers they can receive from £480 per week per child if the child is disabled they will receive more and you can still hold down a normal job how do they work out that kind of payment .

i know they are needed and many do a good job but how is there such a difference between carers allowance and foster carers pay .

as you all know many carers give up work their social life and even more to care for elderly / young disabled relatives for what £50 a week its ajoke .

is he listening no no no .

that is pure ridiculous, when my other half went in to have our new baby boy we had to find emergancy care for our boy and there is only one familiy in our area who could have taken him in, now we know this family constantly give respite care for parents of disabled children by having the kids for a few days but they must be raking it in with that kind of cash being handed out.

the worst thing is as carers we are doing more than these foster carers and as you say we get pittence compared to them it's ludacris.

it's about time we stopped being taken for granted like we are and we demanded some respect from the government.
whilst i agree that the work fosters do is great and they should get paid why cannot this be fairer accross the board if people are careing for relatives or loved ones why are we not subed the dsame way
after all carers save the goverment millions