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Partners of disabled claimants forced to obey orders

Dear Reader,

News this month that the DWP plans to force the partners of the poorest sick and disabled claimants to carry out specific work-related activities, chosen by voluntary and private sector Pathways agencies, or lose benefits. It’s part of the provisions of the latest welfare reform bill that we’re still working our way through and one that has received little attention so far.

Pushing the partners of claimants, many of whom have caring responsibilities, into work would be a highly effective way of removing means-tested benefits from disabled claimants themselves. Another impressive bit of lateral thinking by Mr Purnell’s department.

One of Purnell’s predecessors at the Department for Work and Pensions, David Blunkett, is also in the news. He allegedly failed to declare a business trip to South Africa paid for by . . . A4E one of the big private sector Pathways companies. Blunkett also took around £30,00 in Directors fees from A4E last year according to the Observer.

Though it may be that Pathways providers will not be able to splash the cash on disgraced ex-DWP ministers for much longer. A freedom of information request has revealed that Pathways companies are missing their targets – and thus their fees - for getting claimants into work by a very, very wide margin indeed. One has even begun making staff redundant.

Other – cheerier - news includes the fact that Disability Alliance have had a change of heart and decided to tell people with learning difficulties that the DWP sometimes make mistakes and can be challenged. Plus we’ve published some happy feedback from satisfied Benefits and Work customers too.

Finally, if you’re a support worker and your employer can’t stretch to an all expenses paid trip to South Africa, maybe they could stump up for a visit to Bristol where we’re running three new open training days: two on ESA, including one solely on mental health and learning difficulties, and one on DLA.
once again things going to pot,, i like the last bit though,, made me chuckle!
The welfare reform bill is on its way through parliament and will never become law untill after the next election problem is the tories will push it through next time round .
If it ever did become law, I am not certain how we would ever do this. I have just spent 20 minutes on the phone with the Drs receptionist trying to find a convenient date for my son's annual check up, for his Learning Disability She was very helpful, but because of my other caring responsibilities, and appointments already booked,we can't get there until 2nd March!And that has to be at a different surgery. The only time available for me to ever do work is the middle of the night. Perhpas they think we don't need sleep?!AS it is, when I have disturbed nights, I try to catnap when I can.