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Mairie, I have had days like that too. Times are so tough sometimes. Have a (((hug)))Think you need it. x
Mairie, come on here. Keep coming on here. We're all your friends, never meet but are the ones who understand everything. I've been on the brink of that (suppose a lot of us could have been?) and the friendship and love and support that people on here have brought me have been second to none and have kept me going. We're not called CARERS for nothing, are we? Please, please come and talk to us. Or if you don't want to talk, just read our postings. We make each other laugh out loud - when we're feeling worthless there's always someone here to lift us up. All our love goes to you and hugs. Stick with us, matey. Fran Image
Mairie, hope not going to work has lifted some weight off your shoulders, i feel sometimes people are sapping the life out of me, just not enough time in the day for work, caring, family and other commitments in life, then the flamin housework, cooking you know, Image people seem to grab, grab, grab.... Somedays work is respite and some days you dont want to be there.......Take some time out for YOURSELF, maybe having a bath with a cuppa, or a walk, a bus ride?. Hey theres always this website, Image Image i thought i was having a meltdown last month i looked at this site in the evening oh i had some laughs im sure it saved my sanity Image (what little i have left) Image Image Image . take care and try to take some time out, keep posting and let us know how ya doing.............mand
Thank you everyone for your kind and caring replies.
my question still hasnt been answered yet though .
love x
Hi Mairie,

I'm having terrible trouble connecting to the internet at the moment - apparently it's "planned maintenance." Once connected I'm lucky to get dial up speeds let alone broadband and keep getting disconnected. I've tried 3 times to answer your question!!

As a carer you have the right to stop caring, to say "enough is enough" - this comes under the Carers (Recognition and Services) Act 1995, but the situation is different where children are involved. Very few carers do but there have been some in my area who have made the decision: the hard part sometimes is getting others to accept the fact.

In fact, as part of a carer's assessment, you are supposed to be asked if you are happy to continue caring at all - let alone at the level you are doing. All too often, social care staff will assume that you are, without checking.

It's the same old story everywhere - if you don't know your rights, you may as well not have them. A good general guide is available here, although it isn't detailed:

http://www.carersuk.org/Newsandcampaign ... wnload.pdf
Thank you Charles.
Yes I am happpy to continue caring.
I was just curious .
Charles, I hope your internet is working ok now and thank you for taking the time to reply to me.
Its important to keep updated with our rights. Thanks for the link.
It's still playing up but I'm getting there...