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Leg ulcer not healing

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My mother had ulcers and recurring periodic confusion/delirium for the last ten years of her life. She never put her legs up, as far as I know (slept in her chair and sat in it all day).

In his latest stay in hospital, the medics decided my father's latest hallucinations weren't down to his medication (as it was last time) but that his MRSA had infected his chronic leg ulcers. He's had them for years. He's another one who would never leave his chair, if he could; though he is being forced to go to bed since yesterday, as he's currently immobile. His legs have been treated once or twice a week since July - only once a week before then.

The antibiotics he received this last time in hospital seems to have helped the ulcers a little... and eliminated the confusion & hallucinations.
My 95 year old mum has been recovering from bed sores she got in hospital. Has a dietician evaluated you mum's diet?

Here's one article on how protein is important in wound healing.

https://woundcareadvisor.com/how-dietar ... -vol2-no6/
Hi Mrs A, have her vitamin D levels been checked, my mum had a pressure sore that just wouldn't heal, doctor found her levels were really low, been on but D tablets for a month and gradually her sore is healing.
Lacey May
Thank you all. What varied ideas. So glad I asked.

My mum had three leg ulcers on one leg and they literally took about a year to heal, it felt like it was never going to happen and she had numerous infections, cellulitis etc during that time she had Doppler tests, was seen by a surgeon to see if she needed her arteries cleaning out (she didn’t), in the end a tissue viability consultant presecribed a tablet called Pentoxyfylline, she was taking one a day and after a few weeks the ulcers started healing rapidly and completely sealed over.
I don't know if this is any use, but I remember a while back reading an article in the newspaper about a man in hospital with an 'unhealable wound'. The docs tried absolutely everything, loads of antibiotics etc etc, whatever they had in their arsenal. But it just would not heal.

As it happened, a visiting doctor from Nigeria (or similar) was in the ward, and suggested they try the traditional Nigerian (or whatever!) treatment for wounds that won't heal....basically, pour a bag of sugar over the wound and let it 'draw out the infection'.

It actually worked! Now there are trials, apparently, of using sugar to heal intractable wounds - though of course they aren't doing any thing as simplistic (or cheap....) as pouring a bag of sugar over the wound.

I'm sort of assuming that the key 'ingredient' is the sweetness, which 'sucks up the moisture' and also makes the environment of the wound far too 'non-dilute' (ie, highly 'hypertonic' in comparison to the internal environment of the infecting bacteria - it sucks all the moisture out of the bacteria and they die)(this is the principle that makes jam a 'preserved' form of fruit).

I wonder whether applying either sugar, or even honey (Manuka honey?!!!!) to the pressure sore might crack the problem? If it doesn't work, at least it can't harm!
Just doing some browsing about preparing for surgery and came across some references to oral and topical zinc in healing of ulcers. Here's a summary of an article from imperial college , London, in 2007 seeming to favour topical application over oral intake.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/172 ... t=Abstract
Non healing leg ulcers in the elderly can be caused by valves in the leg veins not
operating properly.
My wife had a leg ulcer for months that wouldn't go and was fitted with elasticated stockings which
pressurises the leg.
These are measured by a nurse to suit the size of leg. Taken off at night.
The ulcer went in 6 weekls.