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Leaving work to care for wife - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Leaving work to care for wife

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sunnydisposition wrote:
Wed Apr 14, 2021 1:40 pm
Jean are you able to expand on this ...It may well help others
I used an independent agent
Hi sunnydisposition, without identifying the actual agent I used I'm not sure I can! They were recommended by the Carer's Hub at my local authority. They provide financial advice, advice on what benefits and allowances you qualify for, and legal advice/services including applying for LPA (which we had to do because we found that mum's old EPA had a signature missing). They charged a small fee for applying for allowances (£35), and the going rate for LPA application.

I am really glad I used them as the things I needed to sort out were whirling around in my head and it helped so much to have someone put it all in order.

I suppose people could ask their local authority carer's hub for contacts?
Thanks Jean

That's very interesting as I never heard of this being an option. I think many people would benefit excuse the pun. I would be more than happy to pay a small fee.
I've never heard about it either, I'm fairly certain Hampshire doesn't have anyone like that.
Hello Russell. You are 63 and have a mortgage.

Many people at your age are looking forward to retirement. In difficult circumstances, such as yours, they might even try for early retirement. This should give a decent pension, though slightly less than if they had worked till 65.

Others are not. They dread retirement and want to carry on working. I was past 70 before I retired fully.

You say that you are stressed up at the idea of having to give up work. This suggests to me that you come into the latter category. You are looking for a way to combine working with caring. The fact that you have a mortgage also suggests that you should continue to work if practicable. Paying a mortgage out of a pension is possible but not ideal.

I presume your manager is aware of your situation. You mentioned coming out of work to assist your wife. One possibility would be to reduce to working part time. As with the other possibility, a sabbatical, this would depend on whether your employer would find it convenient to offer you this.

If you belong to a trades union, I suggest you talk this over with your representative. They can often come up with useful suggestions about your employment options.
bowlingbun wrote:
Thu Apr 15, 2021 5:59 am
I've never heard about it either, I'm fairly certain Hampshire doesn't have anyone like that.
It does seem to be a local thing. I don't want to post the agents I used as it would be advertising, I think? I notice Stockport has a similar service - I don't live in Stockport and didn't use them so I suppose I can mention them? If not would a moderator please remove the mention?

The SignPost money wise service in Stockport seems very similar to the one I used. A person came out on a home visit and filled in the forms for me, I signed them and they posted the applications for me. For the carer's allowance and attendance allowance forms the service cost £35, and I paid the going rate to the same people to complete forms and apply for LPA. I'm not sure if SignPost charge for their services but as they offer a home visit and form filling, I would imagine they do.

Failing anything in your local area, perhaps ask a solicitor what they would charge? For LPA application my solicitor would have charged just slightly more than I paid the service I used.