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Care Agency Rant

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I have smoke coming out of my ears at the moment.
Firstly after my respite break they sent an unbooked carer the day after my return f rom respite holiday so I sent her away and told her to tell the office the visit had not been requested. Mental note to check invoice and lo and behold it was included in the invoice which I challenged. I was told verbally that I had givne them the wrong dates which I disputed, dug around and found my original email request spelling out the correct dates so they conceded defeat and amended the invoice.

Dad was admitted to hospital on Friday when carer was present so as he hadn't done anything else usefull during his visit I asked him to ring his office and let them know what was going on. Next day carer rolls up so I told her Dad was obviously still in hospital and that the carer had rung it in the day before, next day the same so I am thinking perhaps I had better check they don't intend billing me for these none events aswell . I have just had an email back saying its my fault I haven't reported to them that dad hasn't been discharged so I have to pay for 2 or 3? visits. I told both the first 2 who turned up that I would let the office know when Dad was back home.
I have just sent off a snotty email that I am speachless and in the process of renewing dads care package so will no doubt remember this incident.
I am in a bolshy mood today and if I get no satisfaction I shall ask for the manager and the address of CQC!!!!!!!
I don't think they will be getting the package!
Looks like the agency definitely picked the wrong client to muck about!!! :)
It's easy money for them, the vast majority of clients wouldn't be in a postion to challenge the account. Over a 10 month period, my son was overcharged by well over £2,000 because of poor mathematics, the care agency struggled to work out the hours worked, when staff gave starting and finishing times. I challenged the hours of course, but it didn't go down well with the agency..Ultimately it was all investigated by the Ombudsman, who found the faults which I did. Sadly, a few months they later decided they didn't want to support him any more. He had to change both day care and domiciliary care at the same time. Looking back, he hasn't been the same since.