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Leader debate

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Sorry Parsifal Image
Well said!
marie x
The financial assessment is usually applied to the person who is in receipt of care, in a child's case the only income will normally be DLA and assets will normally be below the threshold so, unless the family's income is taken into account instead which does not seem to be correct, the child would presumably be entitled to free care or the cost of care minus a contribution from his or her DLA. Perhaps someone will correct me if this is wrong.

Incidentally, marie, that was my quote not Rosemary's, I thought that I recognised it Image !
Yes, that is my assumption too. My son gets his direct payment in his own right, we merely administer it for him and provide parental guidance. Strictly speaking therefore, we dont get respite in our right as carers, whilst he gets a PA and the costs of his activities and adaptive equipment paid for. But in practice under the In Control system the two benefits to caree and carer work very well together and I've never bothered to subdivide them - his own needs and wishes come first, every time, and I am delighted that he increasingly able to express choices and preferences based on experience. If a child has never ski-ed, driven a go-kart or gone swimming, they cannot express a choice, can they?
I don't think any of us are unrealistic about what this really means for carers - as always the devil will be in the detail. In this case it's about what is promised and whether it comes to fruition - and we all know about politician's promises. But even so, this is the first time any leaders have spoken so publicly about carers. Almost 10 million viewers heard the promises made and the transcripts are publicly available. It all helps.
The debate was great for my boy Nick Clegg.Did us Lib Dems proud.BUT,as I live in a marginal,only a couple of hundred votes could swing it tory or labour,we have a tory in now, i was wondering if voting labour,a vile concept,i know,was an idea to keep the tory out,HOWEVER the leaders debate and my post man scotched that tactical vote notion.

NO mention at all about carers who both work and care,no tax credits nothing,zip.But oh the old yawning rhetoric united all three blokes.Like Mr,Grace from tv sitcom,"Are You Being Served" we nearly got, Mr,Graces catch-phrase:"Youve all done very well"Came-close to it.Pat on the head for carers,and you need a week off.

Like our "BRAVE" serving soldiers in Afghanistan, carers got praise,the standard"What would we do without you" stuff,but nothing at all of substance,so the debate made me nearly scrap tactical voting as a method.My P60 came today.Seeing the amount of income tax i paid over the past year,and caring over 35 hours a WEEK too,with no payment at all for that,sod tactical voting.Id NEVER vote either Labour or Tory.I live in a marginal seat now,but,hay,the whole nations MARGINAL,maybe,we shall see...Image
all we got from the leaders what back-patting nonsense, Infact my back hurts from all the back-patting that went on in the debate Image
I know what you mean, but we also got a potential billion quid out of it, which isnt a bad result for a nights work - that'll pay for my moat cleaning, any rate Image Image Image
In the cold light of morning,a new day,i realised,as one does,its all so-much rubbish.WHOEVER GETS-IN carers are way way down the list,carers who both work and care,out of sight utterly.Noted the new BIGGER daleks in Dolctor Who,tonight,had a blue,a red,and a yellow one,MM,hint,hint,art mirroring life?.Dont know,but I bet the new daleks got a better review then the old Labour and Tory speak?.As for the old partys tired policies,err,"EXTERMINATE"?. Image
I will not be voting for any of them. I will vote for a lesser party. Have you read their profiles on Wiki? Out of touch sums it up.
I have posted elsewhere re what they all say about families , it`s always parents or single parents accepting their respopnsabilities and looking after their children , but look at the help they get ... it`s time they realised that today we have elderly " children " looking after their elderly disabled parents, we have as carers accepted our responsabilities yet what do we get ..zero... carers allowance £53 per week and we as carers save the state 90 billion quid per year .....
when political parties court voters,its the majority,"Lets see what the majority think"(as Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder asked in Mel Brooks "The Producers")that counts.minorities,and,folks,carers,like it or not,are a minority,get a nice wink,pat on the back,but its,as ever,2.4children, middle-england hard working families that they are after.Carers come way down the list.sorry,thats where we are.