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Leader debate

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I agree with Boggle and don't think her remarks were tasteless. As for the mention of carers - talk is extremely cheap - lets wait and see when there will be action.

In IIAN DUNCAN SMITHS report broken Britain , he said to double the carers allowance would cost 1 billion pounds , we as carers have asked for parity with J.S.A which is short of the £100 per week that IIAN DUNCAN SMITH recommended , surely the one BIG ISSUE FOR CARERS has and always will be the low level of carers allowance i would rather see the 1 billion £`s available for carers breaks to be used to improve the carers allowance ..
yet the leaders say whenever i meet with a carer they allsay the same thing "give me a rest" " i need a break" sure we do need respite but not at the cost of remaining on a low carers allowance ......... ask yourself would you rather be guaranteed a one week break or an extra £20 per week on the allowance .. and i did notice the respite would be for the carers who work over 50 hours per week?? or have i made a mistake sorry if i have ..
in the end by remaining a low carers allowance we are paying for our own respite care breaks .....
NICK CLEGG said the funding for These breaks would come from the money that GORDON BROWN was about to use for the "free personal care at home" and that is only 600 million quid ....
In response to George, many carers do not receive CA, so that is probably not their One Big Issue at all. I also think there are serious risks to health of Carers giving up work to become full-time carers, because being at home all the time is pretty depressing.
Respite should also be about promoting inclusion in society - everyone needs to be involved in community life, and have something to learn or contribute, however disabled they are. I use some of my flexible respite to free up time to go out and earn a wage, and some of it to take a break, but mainly to benefit my son with lots of age-appropriate developmental activities in the company of his peers, because that is what he wants to do and his disability would otherwise exclude him almost completely from the society of other teens.
many thanks Matt for the transcript - I didn't watch the debate last night.

It makes interesting reading - David Cameron was able to talk from personal experience, and acknowledges that parents of disabled children are classed as carers too; Gordon Brown continues to give the impression that the only people who need to be cared for are the elderly; Nick Clegg stuck to numbers.

16 years of caring has left me jaded and cynical so I am not holding my breath that any of the political parties will leap into action on ANY aspect relating to carers and caring.

I AM however, delighted that carers got mentioned because it does at least bring the subject to the attention of the 9.8million people who watched the debate last night - they are the people that could help to effect change for us eventually, albeit slowly, and THAT'S where the campaigning of the good folk involved in CUK pays off now and in the future.
I don't think Boggle's remarks are tasteless either, she didn't in any way say anything derogative about Ivan or the heartache involved, she was expressing the fact that these very wealthy people did not have to wrestle with the complexity of DP's because they could buy in whatever they needed, sure they were entitled to DP's that isn't the problem it's the sitting around waiting for everything to go through as many do, and for some, understanding the procedure is an issue, that would be extremely unlikely for the Camerons, after all if he can't get his head round DP's should he really be considered to run the Country.
Cameron can certainly empathise with parenting a disabled child with a life limiting condition relying on DP's though would not have been an issue.
Unless I read it incorrectly, and I do not believe that I did, Boggle suggested that the Camerons were treated more favourably than other people in a similar situation because of the status of his parents, it was that which I objected to, Ivan Cameron would have been awarded DPs based on his needs which were critical in terms of LA criteria, it would have been the child's needs not the parents' status which determined the support which he received.
Sorry but Cameron has no idea - he praises the wonderful care Ivan got but never seems to realise that this was the case because he is David Cameron leader of the conservatives - if he'd been a bin man - ooops sorry refuse and waste operative - he wouldn't have had the same experience - but then he wouldn't have got the DPs or the solar heating either!!!!!
iam confused we asked about direct payments and budgets and were told that we would not be entitled to any extra financial help .... is it differant for children ?
Rosemary said:
Thank you for the transcript, Matt. I am going to add my name to those who think that to have carers discussed in a major debate like this was one hell of an achievement for all those who have campaigned to raise the profile of carers, care for the elderly could have been discussed without us being mentioned and we were not simply mentioned in passing but discussed.
I totally agree!

incidently, I think boggles comment was a bit unpleasant. Image
I use DP's and have a pretty decent respite package and I'm very far from being tory leader or anyone else's leader for that matter! Image Image
marie x
were told that we would not be entitled to any extra financial help .... is it differant for children ?
It shouldn't be George - maybe it's yet another case of post-code and where you live! Image
marie x
The financial assessment is usually applied to the person who is in receipt of care, in a child's case the only income will normally be DLA and assets will normally be below the threshold so, unless the family's income is taken into account instead which does not seem to be correct, the child would presumably be entitled to free care or the cost of care minus a contribution from his or her DLA. Perhaps someone will correct me if this is wrong.

Incidentally, marie, that was my quote not Rosemary's, I thought that I recognised it Image !