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Leader debate - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Leader debate

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In case you missed it we have a poll running. Which leader came out best in the debate?

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Thank you for posting this Matt. I didn't watch it.
For the first time, I agree with David Cameron about the DP's. Okay, he wouldn't have had to worry about money and paperwork for Ivan's Direct Payments, but at least he acknowledges how tough it is on an everyday basis.
What an historic moment for carers! I watched the debate and was dumb-struck that carers actually not just got a mention, but a concensus about need.

That the profile of carers has reached such a point is entirely due to the ceaseless campaigning efforts of everyone.

I have been a carer for well over 20 years now and it was only until very recently that the word 'carer' became generally known and understood.

Yes, carers have many issues that need to be adressed, but just for this short moment, bask in the fact that we have become a major political issue.

Oh, happy me!

And a huge thank you to just everyone who has campaigned now and in the past for this moment.
I think people are missing the point, the issue as to whether it's down to ceaseless campaigning, of course it's great for those who can campaign to do so, but the fact is an ageing population is an issue with every passing year irrespective of campaigns, we have the same thing in the autism community, the fact that there is a year on year huge increase makes it an issue and not NAS campaigns, and working carers is something they would look at anyway as they all want as many people as possible into work by whatever means available.
The only campaign issue I see is respite, so is it fair to say once this is sorted out if it ever is to everyone's satisfaction then the only thing left to campaign for would be an increase in CA?
im sorry folks but how long have people been caring
so carers got a mention do you really think this is progress well i dont
are people really going to vote
how quickly we have forgotten about the mps expences
or should i say fraud to give it its proper name
carers are not going to get anything from whoever gets into power
lets be clear on that its just yes we will promise you this yes of course we will change that
they will promise you anything you want for a vote
which people fought and died for who would be turning in their graves at the sleaze the greed
the lies mps only care about themselves not people who care for others
gordon brown pm cares will have a week off every year to go on holiday or enjoy themselves
oh really and who is going to pay for this its a joke
what i want to hear is cares will be paid a fare amount for what they are doing not cups of tea
not chitchat but money to have at least a basic living and a bit of dignity.
until all mps are prosecuted for fraud and theft of the taxpayers money my vote will always
hit the bottom of the bin where it resides today in small peices i urge evryone on this forum
to do the same other wise you are condoning the fraud and the theft and the greed
Thank you for the transcript, Matt. I am going to add my name to those who think that to have carers discussed in a major debate like this was one hell of an achievement for all those who have campaigned to raise the profile of carers, care for the elderly could have been discussed without us being mentioned and we were not simply mentioned in passing but discussed.

So well done everyone who has campaigned for carers and you know something, I am beginning to suspect that some people are so accustomed to being disappointed that if it was announced today that every carer, whatever their circumstances, would receive CA and it was to be quadrupled they would still be unhappy Image .
I dont think the promise of a weeks respite for every carer is a joke, I think it is a major breakthrough, probably the biggest and most expensive single concession made to carers since Carers Allowance was first created. A weeks proper respite doesnt give much change from £1000, so the value of the concession - assuming that even just 1M carers are eligible for and wish to use it, is in the region of £1 Billion.
Respite takes many forms, it is incredibly flexible: you dont need to use a nursing home and my guess is that most people won't: care workers can come into your home for example, or you could take it in chunks a day or two at a time - that's the beauty of being in control of your individual budget.
As for carers not being able to afford holidays, well yes, some will and some wont, depending on their own circumstances and means. If I want a really cheap holiday I usually go camping, youth hostelling, or stay with rellys, some people might even pay for their holiday by going fruit picking: there are always modest and alternative options, arent there?
yes the restpiteis good as long as everyone can get it, but what about those who dont want to leave the loved ones for a week. it is a ok promise but before it becomes a good thing for carers i am sure that we all should get it. reality is that not all will. i cant even get a carers assessment yet as there is a waiting list and it can take upto a year for me to get one according to my social services.


Sorry but the fact that carers were mentioned in an engineered debate is not an acheivement - nor is it the result of campaigning - we are just the shaggy dog story of the moment - and that moment will be very short unless WE take control and refuse to shut up until things change - because without that the politicians will never do anything!

Cameron - well of course DP paperwork was too much for him - he was too busy getting his grant for his solar heating etc. to be doing more paperwork! Oh and filling in the triplicate report for the police when some buggar nicked his tricycle!!!! Image Image Image Image
Sorry but Cameron has no idea - he praises the wonderful care Ivan got but never seems to realise that this was the case because he is David Cameron leader of the conservatives - if he'd been a bin man - ooops sorry refuse and waste operative - he wouldn't have had the same experience - but then he wouldn't have got the DPs or the solar heating either!!!!! And why was he bothered about DPs when they could afford to pay for what they needed anyway -damn sure I wouldn't be bothered with claiming anything if I had his money - indeed I'd be leaving it for the money to be given to those who can't afford to pay.

Who came off best - none of them - they were all lieing -especially when they were talking about carers!
Cameron's child received DPs because Cameron's child met the criteria just as many of the people we care for meet the criteria, he bought in an excellent care service just as we try to buy in an excellent care service, the paperwork is a nightmare and we are not leaders of political parties, under the circumstances of the Camerons' experience your remarks are tasteless, Boggle.