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Lawless agencies

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So frustrated! Husband nearly died on Friday because the carer sent to do his PEG feeds,the office clerk, didn't notice he could not breathe properly. The waking carer at 4am had not suctioned him when his breathing was 'panicked'- she gave him rescue remedy;ditto for 4.25.
He's now in hospital on oxygen with an airway in his nose. This is the third hospital visit in a week, the new agency started just about two weeks ago.
This hell on earth at the hands of the agencies he's endured for two years.
The CHC and the agency promised us experienced carers, what a joke! We haven't even got a care plan;there's no information in his 'care' folder. We don't know who the people are who turn up from any of these agencies, there are no staff specimen signature sheets and only a first name is given,sometimes not even that.There's no rota, nothing.
It seems like these agencies are allowed to do whatever they like with total impunity.
When these muppets have injured my husband, nothing has happened. No one gets taken to task and they just carry on business as usual. But what other business is allowed to operate like this? What other businesses get 48 hrs notice before inspections?
We' ve had carers who called me out of the shower because they did not know how to open the front door(turnkey and handle). I called the CHC, the chap there laughed and said 'that's funny'.
Another one boiled the kettle for his bedbath because she didn't understand the concept of a hotwater tap.
If I God forbid dare complain, I'm called hostile and a racist rottweiler.
We have safeguarding against the teamleader at CHC, but she calls whenever she feels like it regardless and they keep insisting that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the agencies they send. There has been safeguarding against every single one.
In addition to which I've been left to do whatever they do not fancy doing. Have had carers turning up saying 'I don't want to do this,you do it yourself' or 'My boss told me I don't have to do his food and meds' I've been left to do waking nights. I've been told I'm not allowed in the room when the carers are there because they don't want me in the room when they're 'working'. Have a gallery of pics of waking carers fast asleep.
I've written to our MPs, the CQC, DoH, Jeremy Hunt, David Cameron, everyone bar the Pope and the Queen.
I have written to the PM's office again but judging by past experience, best not hold my breath. Though luckily there always seem to be plenty of managers and other minions to send waffle by way of reply.
Sorry to be ranting but just so frustrated that don't seem to be able to get my husband the care he's entitled to.
Any ideas gratefully accepted.
How about involving the media ?

With all the media reports about lack of funds for care and the dismal state of the NHS etc, etc I'm sure there is more than one newspaper out there which would be only too willing to investigate and report - that should make the powers-that-be sit up and take some notice !

If your husband has actually been injured then surely you also have a case for 'medical negligence' ?
How truly frightening and dreadful.

I agree with Susieq, I'd send your story and evidence to the media, including a list of those who have done nothing to help. Enough is enough.

I've just sent you a pm Ortensia.

I care for my mother and we have been suffering for the last year, at the hands of a similar agency chosen by the CHC.

I wonder how many more of us are out there? We should form an alliance and expose both the agencies and the CHC!
Any 'exposure' TV programmes suitable too? Try Angela Rippon or Esther Rantzen for a reply? What's the name of the 'catch' the cowboy type programme? Don something is it?
Some backside kicking needs to be done for sure!
Dominic Littlewood. Am sure he would be interested. Elaine your suggestion of contacting Esther Rantzen is good. She's started Silverline for the elderly.
Very sorry to hear that. I sent you pm. Hope it helps.