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As usual iam off on a tangent years ago there was a mathermatician who said through mathermatics he could predict the date of his death well off he went and within a few days he came up with the answer he claimed that when he was 78 years 4 months 4 days and on the 11 hour he wouild die so the day arrived and all the towns folk gathered outside his home as the 11 hour came he shot himself .

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There are several comments at the end of this article...

I am shocked at some of the comments on the article, Rosemary. I am also very upset at what a dreadfully uncaring Society we live in.

How long before we get comments about other disabilties or illnesses. Surely we should be working at finding cures, or at least helping support families, and ease peoples suffering;this would be murder, nothing less.
its a reflection of the society we live that the pound sterling is what everything is balanced by. Lack of community where people can go days and weeks without seing or speaking to anybody, unless they owe somebody money.
Maybe some good will come out of the collapse of the banking system, that politicians will realise that there ar more important things to be taken care of within this country, and richness of life is not all monetary. Standard of living for all, from the young to the old from the sick to the fit. Give people a society worth living in where people are feel part of society and community and everybody is given a chance to live in comfort as long as they live, without fear of being put forward for Euthanasia should I ever be incapable of doing decisions for myself.
As usual I will try to take a slightly more progressive line to the debate. I haven't read her comments but I doubt very much she was advocating involuntary euthanasia on the grounds of saving money! To do so would be to incur the full wrath of all sentient beings.

There are three things that are happening at the moment, two are legal, the other illegal in the UK at least. Lets keep this to adults: the care of tiny prem babies has some very different considerations and dilemmas.

1) It is legal now to avoid the use of aggressive treatments where there is no prospect of any real benefit to the patient. EG where someone who is very sick, old and frail has a chest infection, it might be cruel to whizz them into hospital and use massive doses of antibiotics to try to keep them alive. We all have a right to a dignified death.

2) It is also legal to hasten death by a few days or hours by using potentially fatal doses of painkillers like heroin where the patient is in severe pain and death inevitable.

3) It isn't legal to supply a fatal injection to someone who simply wants to die because they are fed up with endless, hopeless and futile suffering and pain. At the moment they have to go abroad, to Switzerland, and some do.

Many thoughtful people (including Margo McDonald, a Scottish MSP with a terminal illness) agree that a person in long term pain should have that option. I agree with her - it should be between you and your doctor, with all safeguards such as a second opinion 'of course.

Most people would also agree that a person who is incapable of expressing a view should be protected by the full force of the law. But if they have signed a "living will" this could specify that they don't want treatment to be continued: certainly not deliberate euthanasia.

But, there are always gray areas and borderline cases, and this is where the Dutch seem to have developed a more tolerant and humane approach. .
Would this woman deal the cards to herself if she got the condition...I wonder ?
I haven't read her comments but I doubt very much she was advocating involuntary euthanasia on the grounds of saving money! To do so would be to incur the full wrath of all sentient beings
The telegraph reported her as saying
Lady Warnock said]

Melanie Phillips wrote a scathing riposte in the Mail headlined "Now our intellectuals think the old and frail have a 'duty to die', we are on the path to barbarism"
I heard her and this is indeed what she said, the demented first and then who? Those with severe learning disabilities, the chronically mentally ill, those of us born with physical disabilities, all in our way can be perceived as a burden and yet all give in their own way. The Nazis called those who the State supported but who couldn't contribute "Useless Eaters" and engaged in a programme of extermination, perhaps Warnock should look back at what we should have learned from past history before suggesting policies for the future.
http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree ... tedsuicide

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Sometimes, heroes come in the most unprepossessing of guises. Last year, Sydney Norton, 86, of New Cross, south London, smothered Betty, his wife of 57 years, while she was being treated as a patient in Lewisham Hospital.

Betty had suffered a stroke in 2000 and more recently had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Sydney had refused the help of social services – but even if he hadn't, experience says the aid given would have been chronically short of what he required.

Last week, Judge Brian Barker, commons sergeant of London, told Norton, "I am totally convinced you are a thoughtful, kind and honest man and had been a devoted husband … Society may understand this act but it cannot condone it."
at last a judge with sense .

the poor man was at his wits ends we all know what he did was wrong but he must have been in one hell of a state .