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Another discharge story

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Sadly a friend's 84 year old uncle,after being diagnosed by GP as having an ear infection, was rushed to hospital with what has turned out to be several terminal advanced cancers. Sad, very sad but this is how our text conversation goes:

Tuesday 17th from her:
He's going to be discharged next few days with a care package in place
me: Make sure it is arranged

Thurs 19th from her:
He was discharged late on Tuesday.
me: make sure the care package is in place

Wednesday 25th from her:
The care team start next week. His 80 year old wife is very tired, she can't move him.
me: what help does she have?
Her: The District nurse has been in twice (in 8 days)
me: WTF!!!!

any bets on whether the care team will arrive before either he dies or the wife injures herself? (they are 'up north' somewhere)
Sadly , only those reading this thread REALLY care.

For those inside the NHS / Social Care , it's a job ... sometimes with " Unfortunate " consequencies.

Therein lies the true state of affairs.

Suffice to say , not uncommon ... as for the unfortunate uncle and his wife ... victims of the system that does NOT care ?
Time to phone the hospice. Why are they not involved already? It does seem particularly heartless.....

I hope the poor lady knows to phone 999 if the husband falls or she needs to move him and can't. As we know, getting them involved can trigger others to get off their backsides!
Phone the CEO of the hospital, demand an apology for such an "unsafe discharge" and INSIST that the emergency care team/reablement team are in situ THIS EVENING OR SHE IS READMITTED.
Have to agree with BB go to the top. I bet the wife is exhausted and could easily hurt herself. She could also threaten to go to the press? It does seem very heartless.
I complained to the CEO of our local hospital who gave mum a carpal tunnel operation but hadn't told her it would be a day case, and hadn't arranged carers. Somehow they missed the fact that she leaned heavily on her Zimmer frame when walking, and hadn't thought how having an arm in a sling after the op would affect her ability to use her Zimmer!!!! After complaining they kept her in overnight and arranged carers. It does work.
I do what I can by feeding info to my friend, but she is the niece miles away, and there are daughters. I just hope my info gets through eventually
It's so sad when people don't know what they are entitled to. If you don't know, how can you ask for it. In Majorca I met a brave lady with her husband. He clearly had some form of impairment, and we were chatting whilst waiting for a bus. I said "I hope you don't mind me asking but has anyone told you...?" No one had told her of the benefits he was entitled to, and he'd been disabled for over 10 years. She was so grateful to me, especially when I said the Council Tax Exemption could be backdated!
Unclaimed benefits ?

Age UK ... latest ... £ 3.5 Billion ... and change :

https://www.ageuk.org.uk/torbay/news--c ... _benefits/
Nearly three million over-65s – that’s one in four – are struggling financially, according to new research for Age UK*, despite an estimated £3.5 billion in Pension Credit and Housing Benefit alone going unclaimed each year.**

With the latest government figures showing that pensioner poverty is on the rise – with 1.9 million pensioners now living below the poverty line.

Age UK Torbay is urging older people to get in touch to find out if they’re entitled to some extra financial support.

A problem that has been a problem for a minimum of 30 years ... how to solve it ?

Not helped by the generation issue ... " Always been too proud to claim benefits , we've always looked after our own without anyone else's help ." ... resonates from some article I read aeons ago.
They've been paying National Insurance all their working lives, it's no more than an insurance claim!