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Lack of Home Care blocking hospital discharge - Carers UK Forum

Lack of Home Care blocking hospital discharge

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Hi All,

I was hoping someone could give me some advice, my mum is currently in hospital and has been deemed fit for discharge however they have been unable to secure homecare services (she had 3 visits per day prior to being admitted) and therefore cannot be released until it is set up. Not being able to get home is affecting her mood and she is becoming quite depressed. Can anyone advise if there are targets/timescales that homecare must be provided within. She lives in the South Lanarkshire area in Scotland.
As far as I know there are no timescales. Some areas really struggle to find care workers. My mum lived in a rural area on the coast and we waited months to get home carers which we were paying for. I rang so many agencies with no joy. We were told that if you're in a town or not too far flung then you're OK and that my Mums area was a blackspot.

Your mum is probably keen to get home but you need to explain to her that just now it's not possible and that waiting will pay off.
It is South Lan council or a NHS Partnership who are overseeing body?

Whichever, need put pressure on them to find carers. Simply put its their problem to ensure your mum has personal care.

Are there are local carers associations in South Lan? If not could utilise PASS service of local CAB try get some traction?
This is an increasing problem in the New Forest, one of the highest elderly populations in tbe country coupled with high house prices means that "ordinary" people are unable to afford to live here. More people wanting care than people wanting to do the eork. I know the council recently extended s pavement so that workers could walk there from the railway station. They were recruited from Southampton.
Sorry dear about all this, But there is no timescales. I work full time with Solihull home care agency, They helped many families with govt funding. If you need more time then find a local care agency and ask them to help you with government care funding.
It's not a case of funding or not, there just aren't enough carers here to meet those who need care.
I see there's now a 'scheme' (for want of a more accurate word to describe it!) to move the elderly and infirm out of hospital and into the homes of complete strangers for the strangers to look after them. It was on the BBC news website. Hard to credit, really, but there you go - everyone is desperate to play 'Pass the Elderly Infirm Person'......