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Labour Losing it? - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Labour Losing it?

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Heres a good question John if you can remember, did Tony Blair ever make a promise to look into family homes being sold to pay for care? I believe this cant happen in Scotland. Its a problem that might be facing me sooner rather than later and I keep thinking (maybe hoping morelike) that this was going to be looked into.
Iam at the stage now where i dont trust any one in power you can never get a straight answer from any one .
both BLAIR & BROWN said they thought it was wrong for anyone to sell their home to fund their own care they have both said they want the elderly disabled to remain within their own homes and to be cared for with dignity in my case that is a bit late we had to sell and rent private or social services would have placed STAN in care home (we did need ground floor home)

Back to DAVID CAMERON i dont like to make things personal but he did put his family on t.v. someone has said he employs a nanny for his disabled child how does he think others manage ? if working carers could get the carers allowance i wonder if he would claim it Image

denied any carers money because I have a pension which I have paid into for 33 years. Image
You may want to check that Billy - people with private pensions aged under 65 CAN get Carers Allowance as well.... as they dont count as earnings. But obviously I dont know if that applies in your case.
I'm not sure that the nanny is specifically there to care for his disabled child, most high profile MPs with working wives and young children seem to employ a nanny, I suppose a Sure Start nursery full of the poor and dispossessed isn't the sort of start they want for their children.
I have private pension from tyne wear local authority and get the allowance

Hang on a minute thought CAMERON was against the nanny state Image
Image Image Image You're such a wit, George Image .
Sorry I have got my wires crossed re the carers allowance...I dont claim it because my wife would lose her SDA and if there was anything left it would be taxed too because of my pension.
Luckily for me I read the Carers claim form!
Sorry George I thought you said your pension was from the Railways.
Did you also work for the local authority.
I know my Brother in law as 2 private pension's one from his last employment and one from Vauxhall motors.