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Labour Losing it? - Carers UK Forum

Labour Losing it?

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According to this YouGov poll.

From the Sunday Times

Voters turn tax anger on Labour

David Smith

Members of the public believe that Labour has squandered tens of billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money and is now hitting them with higher taxes and rising bills just as the economy is entering a downturn, a Sunday Times poll shows.

Their concerns have been crystallised by Alistair Darling’s budget, which they see as raising taxes while doing little to tackle concerns such as climate change and binge-drinking.

The result, according to the poll of 2,300 people, is that Labour has fallen further behind the Tories than at any time for more than two decades.
By 78% to 12%, voters think that the government wastes large amounts of money and is not trying to do anything about it. They also think that David Cameron hit the target last week when he said Labour had squandered money in the good times, forcing it to raise taxes when the economy was slowing. By 66% to 15%, people agree with Cameron’s criticism.

The tax squeeze is compounded by the fact that people do not believe official inflation figures. By 86% to 7%, they say everything they buy, including food, petrol and domestic energy, is rising faster than the government admits.

They also think, by 84% to 8%, that energy companies rip off consumers and should have been hit with a windfall tax in the budget.

Green taxes, such as those on “gas guzzlingâ€Â
It just shows you how stupid the public can be since Labour came into power tax has gone up year on year for most workers who earn less than £30-000 no matter who is in power you will allways pay more tax one way or another, even under conservatives most of us paid more tax the whole tax system is a con they give it to you with one hand and take it back with the other no government can operate without tax rises and to talk about abolishing child poverty ok so you raise child benefit but look what he does with pensioners he recognises they cant afford to live and gives them a heating allowance in stead of just spreading the cost by an increase in the state pension .
the one group who do need help are the full time 24/7 carers who cant go out to work and subsidise their own care we are the ones who are driffting in to poverty what can he do for us he wants the disabled who can work to get back to work this will of course force some carers back to work he wants the long term unemployed to get back to work he wants mothers to get back to work he will give them a few years bringing up the children then its find a job all of this will costs billions and the returns via tax into the economy will take decades so we as full time carers will not get a single penny.

as they say we are the unsung heros working for nowt take the conservatives leader DAVID CAMERON he goes on t.v with his family talks about the family yet we dont know much about how he copes with a disabled child he has a carer who comes in to help but as a rich person he can afford that .
lets be honest about it if you are rich it will be easier for you to be a carer its those at the bottom who strugle
I wouldn't be surprised to find out the carer is paid for on his expenses so Joe public is in effect paying Image Image
Cameron employs a nanny.
Gah! Those YouGov quizzes are very selective with their respondents and also it was for the Sunday Times, So take those results with a pinch of salt.
Isnt it about time that the cost of living is taken on the normal things we need such as Gas Electric Water and the costs of all Fuels instead of basing it on a pound of spuds and a bag of flour? I have been a labour voter all my life but am begining to think I wont vote for them again the way the country is being run at the moment. The latest news of how the MPs of all parties have used OUR money to fund their lifestyle has not gone down well with someone who having worked all my life is denied any carers money because I have a pension which I have paid into for 33 years. Image
I agree Billy. The "Retail Price Index" has always taken into account the cost of food and fuel, but also of luxury goods such as DVD players, which have dropped in price - and of course, we don't buy every day. So the figures are immensely skewed by this. It's interesting to look at this link:


It gives a clearer (but still skewed in places) picture.
Does it matter who's in power?.
Labour are no worse or any better than the last lot ( Conservatives).
Have we forgotten we were no better off under that lot too when not in power any party can promise the earth to us when they get into power there are always unforeseen circumstances they tell us and they cant do as promised.
I have seen a lot of different Government's in my 60 years + and they all tell us Utopia is just round the corner they say just wait and see.
I am still looking I have gone round so many corners and still not found it.
So don't blame Labour blame all of them.
I to have worked almost all my working life since i was 15 and have a small work's pension and get no C/A.
If Screaming Lord Sutch was alive still I would vote for him next time.
Yes I agree John that they are all the same but Labour who I thought would be the better of the two evils having started off with such good intentions eventually began to make the mistakes of the former government, I remember the good points that Labour have made but it seems like there are more and more bad points. The latest news where they have all been lining their pockets with taxpayers money hasnt gone down too well with me at all considering we as carers have to fight for everything. Maybe I expected too much! Image
Hi Billy
I don't think you expect to much Bill we are both older enough to remember most parties promising us a better life but with each new government there is always excuses.
That we are in a worse state than they imagined when ever they take power so they cant do all they had promised that will happen again if the Conservatives get in power so no change again.
As for the cost of living a loaf of bread cost's me the same as a very wealthy person but going by percentages it cost me a lot more of my income than it does for a wealthy person so it's never going to be fair.
So when i hear politictians telling us they understand how we live it's like me telling a starving African i know how they feel I don't and could never imagine how they feel no more than a politiction knows how i feel about caring.