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Kidney Failure.... - Carers UK Forum

Kidney Failure....

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Not posted in quite a while... I care for my 85 year old mother. She has had many health issues, many of which are still ongoing.
She has kidney failure and is stage 5. Over the past couple months, she is really going downhill. A week ago, her ankles and feet began to swelling and most recently, her stomach, face and eyes are now swollen. She of course, eats very sparingly and doesn't drink so much these days.
She sleeps a lot and oftenvsays she doesn't know why she is so tired all the time.
Needless to say she has become very frail, it's quite heartbreaking to witness such a decline.
Of late she has become quite breathless and from all I have read on kidney failure, towards the end stages, all she has seems to relate to this.
I'm thankful she has no pain, but it is such a worrying time.
I'm sorry for your mum's declining health and the worry it is causing you. I don't know much about CKD, are there active treatment options for your mum at this stage, or more a question of palliative intervention?
Can I suggest that you Google "NHS Continuing Healthcare". Where a patient has chronic problems, then extra care is available free, especially towards the end of life. If you think mum might qualify, ask your GP to arrange an assessment, or ring your local "Clinical Care Commissioning Group" (CCCG) and ask for the CHC department. Make sure you have some support to allow a little bit of time off each week.
Hi Tricia
I understand what you dealing with as Dad has been at stage 4 for a couple of years or more . His legs were terribly swollen for ages but the Dr put him on Furesomide which is a diuretic and his legs have gone right down to the point of looking too thin this week.
Has your mum had the iron blood infusion which might help with the anaemia?