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Caree's in prison!!! - Carers UK Forum

Caree's in prison!!!

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I appreciate that I can't say too much about this but my caree has been accused of fraud and there is a chance that he might spend some time in jail.

I was wondering if any of you have had any dealings with this and if so, is he entitled to any special provisions while he serves his time and what?

He's an above the knee amputee who's hard of hearing and can't read or write very well due to dyslexia
No idea at , but I'd love to know how it all pans out. xxxx
I too am at a loss, I wish that I could help, all I can suggest is that if it goes to court and he is found guilty that his lawyer argues strongly for a community sentence supported by medical evidence of the inappropriateness of a prison sentence for someone with such significant disabilities, good luck.
parcival sums-up what i might have said,only far better than i might say it,and i do feel that there must be some account taken of the circumstances,comonsence.
From my experience of visiting prisoners I would say that you may be the best one to help, e.g. by getting written evidence of your caree's medical condition and history and any other mitigating circumstances you can think of. Unless the caree can afford a good solicitor to act on his behalf, any legal person allocated to him under the system is extremely unlikely to have the time (or interest) to follow through to collect evidence that might help avoid a custodial sentence, but you would be able to provide it for him. Whether the judge would allow the evidence to be heard is something you would have to discuss with the legal representative. It would also be helpful if before the case comes up you could get the caree to make a list of any phone numbers he might need or contacts as he would probably have all personal belongings, including mobile phone, address book, papers confiscated on being taken into custody - you could keep the list for future reference. Make sure the caree also memorises your address, post code or phone number so that contact with you can be established. This may sound dramatic, and of course it will depend on which prison might be involved, but people do not realise how many rights are sometimes taken away in prison, and that can be before there has even been a trial.
thel, I know what you mean about rights being taken away... we've already had one-sided police officers during the statement process in another case (with the same "victim") - strange thing is that the victim later admitted to us both that they made it all up. We know we can get the same evidence again if we can just go and talk to the person while we have our dictaphone.
Hi Summer Hope
I didn't actually want to say that in my earlier message! but you honestly cannot rely on the police to be in any way impartial - they are out to get a conviction (promotion etc) - and do not follow up on anything the prisoner says that might help his case.
Until I had experience with the way things often work in court, e.g trade off where each side will agree not to submit such and such a thing as evidence if the other side will drop one of theirs, I would never have believed what goes on. There must be a great many people in prison who shouldn't be there but just haven't got anybody on the outside getting information for them or pestering legal aid to try to get them motivated. I know of one case where there was a jury who found the defendant Not Guilty and the judge was angry with the prosecuting police as he said if they had handled it differently there would have been a conviction - so I expect it would be unrealistic to expect even a judge to be impartial. Not sure how serious the case your caree faces - and I do hope for your sake that it does not even go to court as I personally found it distressing. I think I may have misunderstood your first post as it may be that your caree is already in prison.
All the best
Hi again
I forgot to say that it may be that evidence of previous lies on the part of the 'victim' may well not be allowed in a new case because of 'prejudice' against that person affecting the verdict - but again you would need to check that out. It would be good for the legal representative to know, though, just in case he can use it.
one thing for sure his care in nick will be better then a care home , but seriously he will of course lose all his benefits , and his carer will be unable to claim carers allowance , the coalition are at this moment putting in place legislation that will bar fraudsters from future social housing and benefits that he may have claimed that he was not entitled to...

but as Ken Clark wants fewer old lags in the nick ... dont think he will be sent down ...
ive read though the points people have added on this thread.interesting.some sound words.not knowing the details of the case that this thread began with,nor do i,ofcourse want to know,thats a private matter,i cannot give any opinion on the just or unjust outcome.

we do not know if justice is served or not.

i dont really feel like getting onto the police attitude,proceedures etc,as a topic.theres not many topics i wont have a go at,but,i feel that this aspect is one i just am far too cynicle about.

i havent rated the police as user-freindly for years.so,i dont feel i could add very much.

i firmly believe in reform,wholsale,of the justice system in britain.

but,thats a grand,big,bold idea and not what the theme starting this thread was all about.

im cynicle,as i said,but,i would hope that some degree of logic would be employed in and punishment.

assumning theres a punishment to be given,id hope that respect,reason,logic,would guide all involved.